Face The Music Now Foundation Launched In Support of Sexual Abuse Survivors

Sexual Abuse Survivors
Author : Max Spruill
April 27, 2022

Face The Music Now Foundation Launched In Support of Sexual Abuse Survivors

Author and talent manager Dorothy Carvello has today announced the launch of a new foundation helping survivors of sexual abuse in the music industry, Face The Music Now.

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The foundation aims to provide a safe space for survivors, as well as a platform to help educate, highlight prevalence in the music industry, and focus on changing institutionalised abuse.

“As a survivor myself, I have seen and experienced firsthand how sexual harassment and abuse shatters survivors psychologically, financially, and professionally,” said founder Dorothy Carvello.

“It’s not a matter of money; it’s about helping them put the pieces back together. This is about the decades-old and widespread abuse of power in the music industry. We want to help survivors find their voices and take back some of what they have lost.”

According to Cision, who first reported the news of the foundation launch, 72% of women in the music industry have reported discrimination, while a further 67% have reported cases of sexual harassment.

The Face The Music Now foundation hopes to highlight these issues within the music industry and allow survivors to speak openly about their experiences and demand accountability.

Another aim of the foundation is to attempt to limit the use of NDAs used amongst the music industry, which, according to the foundation, are set in place to silence survivors.

“These large, publicly traded companies have been protecting predators and it’s time their shareholders know how their money is being used,” said Carvello on these NDAs.

“For far too long, the music industry has been turning a blind eye to sexual abuse and harassment, and we’re long overdue for that to change.”

Find out more about the Face The Music Now foundation here.

Originally reported by Mixmag.

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