F.T.G Shares His Top Quarantine Tracks

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 26, 2020

F.T.G Shares His Top Quarantine Tracks

We caught up with fantastic live act F.T.G, real name Alfredo Trastulli, amongst all the madness going on right now with COVID-19 and quarantine, and asked him his favourite lockdown jams.

An incredible talent that continues to push his sound even after many years of experience, developing different genres with his array of projects such as Citylow Human Crew and Analog Inside. F.T.G had frequently playing around his native country until quarantine hit, most recently performing at Dancity Winter 2019.

Enough from us, let’s check out the tracks F.T.G has been playing during quarantine.

Alexander Robotnik – Problèmes d’Amour

When my passion for electronica began, especially with synthesisers and gadgets, as a reference I started listening to this taciturn genius of a gentleman, a nerd in the true sense of the word. He still remains an idol for me because he is capable, without any great difficulty, to make any genre of music using the ‘’additive synthesis’’ as the main motive. He’s an artist without any borders.

People idolise figures made for this market by the music world. Producers are built with an expiry date, however Mr Robotnik is the perfect example of actually ‘’being’’ an artist not just ‘’appearing to be’’ an artist. Very human and down to earth with very little marketing behind him, a lot more underground, very much more underground than the kind that cost thousands and thousands of euros to date.

A rock that will always be there.

Blawan – 993

This is a track that I often play in my DJ sets, it’s a “dance floor” track. In clubs and festivals that have a worthy sound system, it will give you a real buzz. When the voice enters in true Detroit style, like they say in Italy… VOLA TUTTO! Everything flies!

During the lockdown I often go to my studio and dance alone to tracks I like at full volume. Without any logical sense but with a good amount of judgement, it brings great pleasure and satisfaction, it gives me the shivers.  It’s a true outlet for the soul, as an old client/dancer, it’s in my veins and won’t ever abandon me.

DJ Ralf pres. Orchestra Spettacolo Cesira Sordini – Da lord

Then you come across this brand from 1992, rediscovered during the lockdown. On this track there is Antonio Ferrari aka Ralf, a mentor, friend, artist, DJ, communicative genius, a generator of ideas in abundance. A great example of how merit should be sought after, to younger and older generations, not for convenience but to find a light of beauty and purity. It’s a wonderful thing and that should be taught at school.

He really is someone who never asks for anything in return. I can say that even with me, a nobody, he gave me the opportunity that no one else had ever given me. A simple opportunity to demonstrate the value that I have, be that a little or a lot.

When you have the time to reflect and think about people that you have come across in life within the music industry. An industry that’s not famous for being equitable, when you find someone that makes virtue their religion, they cannot be thanked enough!

On this release there is everything that is the man, the artist Ralf, an uncomplicated person but at the same time of huge talent and culture. A real person before an important artist. In this track he takes commercial music, remixes it and makes a regenerating track in full Balearic style.

Caribou – “Our Love”

This track by Caribu from 2010 is one of my favourites in darker times. I play it on loop and it recharges me! It has curing benefits, music in general has that effect on me. I had cancer back in 2015 and since then music has always been the cure for me

Nicolas Jaar – Boiler Room NYC

Finishing with this artist but not with any track in particular. This is a Boiler Room I have listened to about 5-6 times, particularly in this quarantine. It has a great sense of genius, creativity with no borders. Think of switching radio stations at random, then rearranging them in real-time. Re grooving and mixing everything live with the risk of error and therefore adrenaline. Pure energy that in times like these is generated and given to the public. A light in the dark.

Thanks to Laura Towers for the support.


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