Exploring the “Ancient Future” of Earthly Measures

Earthly Measures by Captures
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 30, 2020

Exploring the “Ancient Future” of Earthly Measures

Following in the wake of Earthly Measures’ first compilation series comes their premier solo project offering, showcasing the beautifully unique and emotive music of Captures, a multi-instrumental, multi-dimensional producer.

Captures is a Denver, Colorado-born, Berlin-based, live-electronic producer. Using traditional art forms, foraged soundscapes, synthetic, live, and natural sonic textures, he bends time to create future musical abstractions.

This four-track Ancient Futures EP provides deep grooves inspired by the far East, catapulting the listener on a journey both through ancient times and futuristic dreams.

We sat down with Earthly Measures to learn more about the EP, the birth and direction of the label and more.


Hi guys, great to have the chance to speak with you today. Can you tell us a bit about how Earthly Measures began?

The idea came around back in early 2016, we had been DJing for a while back at uni but the motivation to put on events stemmed from us moving back to London from different cities after uni and thinking we could do something of our own that may be a little different. We both remember being at uni thinking that most of the events just had a similar vibe. So, we started putting on small basement Dalston parties, heavy on colour, visuals & eclectic sounds – which till this day were some of our favourite nights! Stress-free, 200 cap sweaty packed basements – most of which were close friends and friends of friends giving it a proper community feel. It just evolved naturally from there.

How do you go about selecting who features on the label? Is it demo based or more of a family affair?

Quite a few of the artists are people we have come across whilst doing events, people that we have booked or played with and people that we have struck a bond & have mutual interests with – it really is developing into a family affair – we aren’t completely against demo’s but at the moment the idea is to build long term connections & projects with talented artists that we believe in.

What would you say makes you stand out from the crowd?

Colourful & non-confining – we try not to overthink things and let the music do the talking. This began and still remains a hobby of ours, so we try not to take ourselves too seriously allowing us to provide a space where you can just let loose. We also put special emphasis on visuals, we’ve had lots of fun playing around with decor at our parties, working with a variety of visual artists so that we can create an environment where the crowd can lose themselves in a uniquely musical and aesthetic space!

We’ve been fortunate enough to invite and play alongside some of our favourite artists from around the world which has brought people from all backgrounds onto an EM dance floor, so our events are a great place to not only explore music from far-flung places but people too – it helps to build upon the global community connection that we’re trying to create.

Have you had to change the way you plan releases throughout the covid period? Why are vinyl releases important to you?

Yeah, the normal timescale for releases have changed somewhat. Obviously, the world is moving at a slower pace right now, vinyl pressers facing delays due to the logistical restrictions, so naturally it’s taking longer to get a release out there. Actually, all of our releases and most of the work that have gone into them has been during this last year or so, with the first release coming out right at the start of the first lockdown – it’s been a strange period to start the label but no one could have predicted this current situation and we were already in the advanced stages of the release.

As I’m sure most, if not all, people that collect vinyl know that the experience of it is much more personal, it’s just more special for us as a label and for the artist themselves. A lot of the artists we are working with will be having a song (on the compilation series) or a full EP/album pressed on wax for the first time – having something in physical form makes releasing all the more satisfying for everybody involved.

The third release is just about to land from Captures, what can listeners expect to hear from this release?

So, the Captures release will be our third, but our first solo offering. He is a Berlin-based US native, multi-instrumentalist and multi-dimensional producer. Although not the case for all of his music, he produces predominantly world-infused electronica which he composes through both live instruments and production software.

Ancient Future is a 4-song EP exploring deep grooves inspired by his travels and the sounds of the Far East. It’s a journey through sounds of both ancient times and futuristic dreams and was released digitally on the 27th of November.

Now that this Captures EP is out, who else do you have lined up to feature on Earthly Measures for the next releases?

Excitingly, we have quite a few releases lined up for the coming months, we have a very busy period ahead of us! All of them are solo EPs with one being our first LP by a talented artist from Colombia called Mente Organica.

Other releases are from Janax Pacha, Joaquin Cornjeo & Silvio Astier. They explore genres such as downtempo, dub, experimental house, all heavily influenced by their homelands in South America. The Joaquin Cornejo release is one we are especially excited about.

We are also in the process of adding to our Earthly Tapes compilation series, which we have scheduled for summer next year, influenced by the electronic sounds of Turkey.

Finally, what will be the first song you will spin when you get behind the decks once clubs are back to normal?

It’s not uncommon for us to start our sets off with more downtempo, psychedelic sounds, depending on where and what time we are playing of course. I mean the hardest thing at the moment is releasing all this music and not being able to play it out to an audience, not being able to get the vibe for it and reaction of a crowd. So, I think we will play something from an Earthly Measures release, which will be exciting for us.

Also we’re really digging everything our friends from Olindo Records are bringing out. they’ve been just as busy as us and never fail to impress, also looking forward to giving the new Mytron & Ofofo EP a spin on Multi Culti, especially the track, “Blauw”, that should go down a treat.

The third instalment on Earthly Measures by Captures is out now and available HERE

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