Events Are Back… So What Did We Learn?

Events are back
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 22, 2021

Events Are Back… So What Did We Learn?

Events are back. On Saturday, June 19th we returned to the dancefloor at COMPOUND. It was a movie we played in our heads almost every day for the last 15 months, and suddenly it was real. It was happening, and we were right there, on the dance floor, a part of it.

It’s hard to describe the collective cathartic and joyous feelings we shared together this weekend, but it was healing, it was powerful and it was lasting.

There’s no doubt that the last year and a half has been tragic. Millions of people died, and millions more dealt with other consequences of the pandemic. Jobs were lost, businesses shut down and never recovered, relationships were put to the ultimate test and entire communities suffered a burden too immense to quantify. This isn’t a political message, it’s a message of reality.

“More the knowledge, lesser the ego. Lesser the knowledge, more the ego.” – Albert Einstein

Throughout the pandemic we reminded ourselves that history has always been difficult, and that mankind has persevered through moments like this for thousands and thousands of years, and now it was our turn. Rather than being victims we took on the challenge and strived to make the best of it, to find opportunities not just despite the situation, but actually within the obstacles thrown at us.

Every day we asked ourselves the same question, a question we now ask you:

What did we learn from this experience?

Did you learn what is important to you in life and what isn’t? Did you learn who you can count on in life and who your true friends are? Did you learn how to be patient? Did you learn how your actions affect others? Did you learn to be a little more selfless and put others before your own needs? Did you learn how to remain connected despite the challenges of a pandemic? Did you learn how important it is to live each and every day to the fullest because it could be your last? Did you learn that you are stronger than you thought you were? Did you learn that sometimes it’s better to sacrifice in the short-term in order to enjoy the fruit of your labor in the long-term? Did you learn the importance of building and nurturing a community? What did we learn?

To walk away from the last 15-18 months without learning anything valuable would be tragic — like rubbing salt on a painful fresh wound. What is the point of living life if we do not exercise our ability to learn from, to grow from, and to find meaning in the darkest of twists and turns of fate?

“Complaining is one of the ego’s favorite strategies for strengthening itself.” – Eckhart Tolle

Now events are back, we look forward to many more, starting this Saturday with Adam X and Hector Oaks. But the events of the pandemic remain a reality, and while painful and trying, they have also been instructive.

While nothing can bring back the people no longer with us and the time we have lost, what we can do is to grow from and learn from what happened.

Let’s take those lessons forward to the days ahead of us, and to the dance floors that are calling our name.

This Saturday, June 26th we are hosting Deviation Agency Invites Adam X, Hector Oaks and Annika Wolfe. Just like COMPOUND sold out and our first WORK event on July 10th is already sold out, we expect this one to sell out before doors open.

Oh and don’t forget REFORM on Sept 5th with Danny Tenaglia, DVS1, Josh Wink, Headless Horseman, Rrose, Lauren Flax, DJ Hyperactive b2b Truncate and Drumcell curating an entire BL_K NOISE Live room! This is our biggest lineup and production… ever!

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Events are back