Event Submissions: List Your Event on 6AM Group

Author : Lee Trotter
February 29, 2016

Event Submissions: List Your Event on 6AM Group


Dance music is a universal language that extends to every corner of the globe. 6AM Group is a global brand and media outlet that targets the electronic music community, and we are now opening our event listing to promoters everywhere.

If you are interested in featuring an event on our website, please follow these steps in order to properly submit your event to our listing:

Submitting an event on 6AM Group

  1. From the 6AM Group homepage – go to the navigator bar and hover over the “events” tab (Screenshot below)
  2. Click “Submit Your Event
  3. Fill in the information such as Event Name and Description
  4. Select your city from the “Categories” List – If your city is not there don’t worry, it will be added 
  5. Upload the event flyer
  6. Indicate the date and time of your event – Listings are based on a 24-hour clock, and you can change it to your time zone
  7. Fill out the venue information and your promoter information
  8. Fill in the ticket price or event cost

*Submissions will be approved within 24 hours by 6AM staff 

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