Event Previews: 6AM Takes on Italy

Author : Lee Trotter
May 06, 2015

Event Previews: 6AM Takes on Italy

Florence Panorama
When one thinks of Italy several things immediately come to mind: Wine, feasts, and world-class dance music. Throughout the country there are incredible nightlife establishments each with their own charm, characteristics, and musical programming. Starting this Thursday we’ll be diving in head first taking a techno field trip to Florence to bask in all the musical wonder that this Renaissance city has to offer.

While there are many options and club nights for us to consider, the following is a list of events that are making it on the 6AM Techno Agenda.

Tenax Closing with Marcel Dettman and Ben Klock

TNX Closing 2015

Saturday at Tenax is the dance playground for the iconic Nobody’s Perfect Party. Throughout the 20-year history of Tenax, the club has played host to some of the most respected names in music and captures the essence of what club culture can…and should be like. On a personal note, Tenax is a very special place for me as it was the first club in my life where I was exposed to dance music in its purest form. Tenax, and everyone involved at the club, create an atmosphere that leaves a profound impact on anyone who attends, and it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the premier destinations for fans and DJ’s alike. As fate would have it…Marcel Dettman going back-to-back with Ben Klock was one of the first sets I experienced within the walls of this famed nightlife institution so it’s only appropriate that we go back for round two.

Tenax: Official Site | Facebook | Resident Advisor 


 Garage Rising at Club 999 with Ruben Mandolini

Garage Rising

Next on the menu for our techno course we will find ourselves at Club 999 in Prato for the Friday party, Garage Rising. The console at Garage Rising is often taken over by resident Ruben Mandolini who has released on prominent tech house labels such as Terminal M and Snatch! Records, and seeing any resident play in their home club is always an exciting experience. This will be our first time seeing what Club 999 has to offer, but after following their activity on social media it’s safe to say that this one is going to go deep into the morning.

Ricardo Villalobos and Sonja Moonear at Fortezza da Basso

Fortezza Ricardo Villalobos

So far we’ve only heard fabled tales of the madness that is Fortezza da Basso. Located almost adjacent to the main train station in Florence, Fortezza da Basso is a massive industrial space that ravers dream of. It is not a frequently used venue to our knowledge, making this evening with Ricardo Villalobos and Sonja Moonear an extra special occasion. Throughout it’s tenure Fortezza da Basso has seen Italian progressive legends back during the glory days, with more recent appearances from the likes of Chris Liebing, Joseph Capriati, and Felix Krocher. Here’s a little video to put the venue in perspective, but the eclectic minimal and house grooves of Villalobos and Moonear sound like a perfect way to spend the evening.

Fragola Presents: Sunflower Opening Party

Sunflower Banner

We’ve saved the best for last. After a night of raving at Fortezza da Basso we end the trip at the famous Florence day party, Sunflower. The party stems from the vision of Tenax residents, Philipp & Cole, and marks the beginning of a fresh party season in Florence. Whereas our previous night will have been a dark warehouse rave, Sunflower is a vibrant celebration of music and unparalleled daytime vibes. Taking place at a villa like venue called Manduca, Sunflower is an intimate party featuring an all Italian lineup with the exception of Argentinian house guru, Franco Cinelli. Enjoying a selection of grooves from this entire lineup under the Florentine sun…doesn’t get much better than that.

Sunflower: Facebook | Event Information

And while this is the initial schedule, even we don’t know where we’ll end up some nights. As we take on Italy and soak up their rich nightlife and culture we will further expand our knowledge of the global community that we all hold very dear to our lifestyles. Stay up to date here as we reveal our post-Italy coverage, and share of the experiences throughout this journey.