Essential Items for Your DJ Bag

Author : Lee Trotter
February 04, 2017

Essential Items for Your DJ Bag

Dj booth

From the international touring DJ to the local opener, a well-stocked DJ bag is a crucial part of one’s set up. We recently went through our respective bags and compiled a list of our personal DJ bag essentials. Take a look at these few items below, and pack accordingly for your next gig.

For those interested in an efficient way to pack their DJ bag, Ean Golden has put together a perfect video to show how it’s done.

The DJ Bag


Having a good quality DJ bag is the foundation. You want something reasonably spacious for things such as a laptop, controller, or any of the other items you might find useful from this list, but at the same time you don’t want to be heaving luggage around all night. Brands such as UDG have an array of backpacks to suit your needs – here at 6AM we’re currently utilizing the UDG Ultimate Backpack.

Spare cables 

Oyaide USB Cable

As the old saying goes – better to have it, and not need it, than to need it, and not have it. Having a night or set ruined by an old or faulty cable just simply isn’t an option. In the dynamic environment that is clubland, having quality cables could be the difference between a good or disastrous night. It’s wise to keep a few spare RCA cables and  a spare USB cable, especially if you’re using any type of outboard gear or Traktor. Even if you’re not using it, you could be the hero of the night by having it in case an emergency. As far as USB cables go, you can’t go wrong with the 1M Oyaide Neo USB cable.

Recorder to Capture the Magic 

Zoom H4N

While some say the best sets are the one’s you never record, it’s never a bad idea to have a reliable portable recorder at the ready. Like all pro-audio gear, there’s an abundance of options all fulfilling the same task. For the price and functionality, we’ve found the Zoom H4N to be the most reliable option. Able to record WAV quality mixes from both the line out, and internal microphone, the Zoom series provides a strong foundation in both audio quality and physical build. Why not reminisce on that killer opening set you played at the club?

Portable Phone Charger 


These days, nothing can be more frustrating (or liberating) than having your phone run out of battery. However, if your phone runs out of battery when you really need it that could leave you in a tricky situation. How else are you gonna call that Uber at 4:00 AM? Being active all day and night could drain your battery rather quickly, and having a wireless charger is a great addition to any DJ bag. “Why a wireless charger?”, you may ask…well…try finding an open electrical outlet in a DJ booth

If you’re seeking a high quality wireless charger, look no further than the iBattz. With two USB ports and a large capacity battery, the iBattz is a powerful portable charger that is more than reliable. But as always, there’s many options in a variety of price ranges. Take a look at these 10 wireless charging options to find the best option for you

Ear Plugs downbeats


Our ears are important, and we should make an effort to protect them. This isn’t just for DJ’s, but for all people who frequent music venues around the world; although, it’s especially important if you spend more than a few nights a week in loud establishments. For maximum protection, you’d be wise to invest in custom ear plugs, but understandably that’s not always the most economic option. That’s still no excuse for ignoring your well-being.

If you don’t want to shell out a few hundred on custom earplugs, throw a few pairs of DownBeats into your DJ Bag. An economic alternative for battling tinnitus priced at just $10 on their website and also available via Amazon Prime.



This should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway. They’re small, cheap, and can hold a tremendous amount of data. Carry as many as you feel necessary to get the job done, and be mindful when putting them away. Unlike records or CD’s, USB’s have a nasty habit of getting lost in the abyss that is a DJ bag or DJ booth. USBs have become the most convenient and widespread option for DJ’s these days, and for good reason; which is why it’s important to invest in a suitable USB ideal for DJ-ing. Depending on your organizational habits and library, you’ll probably want to go with as much space as possible.

Small Flashlight



Before the USB age of DJ-ing, sometimes a flashlight was useful to search for the next CD or record. Even with easy to read screens and USBs now, having a small flashlight is never a bad idea when spending ample time in a dark club. These days most cell phones are outfitted with a flashlight of sorts, but if you don’t mind dropping $5, picking up a small flashlight for the DJ bag isn’t the worst idea.



What was that old saying again? Exactly. Do the right thing, pack a bottle, and thank yourself later. It was a long night after all…