An Emotional Farewell: Annie Mac Ends 17-Years on Radio 1

Annie Mac Radio 1
Author : Daisy Magana
August 02, 2021

An Emotional Farewell: Annie Mac Ends 17-Years on Radio 1

An unsuspecting girl from Ireland became one of the leading names in the electronic music scene. Annie Mac closed out nearly 20 years on Radio 1, a radio station owned by BBC. In an emotional farewell this past Friday, Mac opened up about her beginnings and closed out with a personal favorite: “Knights Of The Jaguar” by DJ Rolando aka  The Aztec Mystic.

A Dublin-native, Mac has become a world-renowned electronic artist who decided to close out a chapter in her life. The 43-year-old DJ leaves a legacy as a tastemaker whose musical choices delivered a genre-fluid range of electronic music. With a heartfelt goodbye, she humbly gave a thank you to her parents during her last broadcast. “Thank you to my mum and dad. They live in Dublin, and you can’t..couldn’t…get radio down there very well back in the day. At the start of my shows, they used to sit out in the drive and sit in the car and listen to my shows,” shared Mac audibly holding back tears. As she signed off for the last time, she addressed her listeners with a piece of life advice:

“Life goes by really really fast, life is short, it thunders by, and if you like the music, you’ve gotta get up and dance ”

Annie Mac on her journey through life and music.

“I’m going to keep going…[and] hopefully bringing you music in other ways,” shared Mac. At the moment, she’s deciding to focus on spending time with her family while also exploring other passion projects including writing and podcasting. Earlier this year, she released her debut novel Mother Mother. It is s a story about family ties, addiction, the resilience of women, and unconditional love between a mother and a son.

Goodbyes are never easy, but they’re also not forever. For now, let’s just say see you soon Annie.

Watch Annie’s Emotional Goodbye via Radio 1

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