Emika Unleashes “Transcended Before Me” Feat. Horace Andy From Massive Attack

Emika Horace Andy
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 25, 2021

Emika Unleashes “Transcended Before Me” Feat. Horace Andy From Massive Attack

With her brand new track ‘Transcended Before Me’ featuring Horace Andy, Emika takes us deep into her universe. Icey, blue, dreamy, and hypnotic, the song features soul singer Horace Andy (Massive Attack) who sings from his heart about how ‘the things you love the best, never ever stay, you try to hold onto it, it slips away…’.

Emika will this year mark the tenth anniversary of her debut self-titled album. A new body of work titled Vega will be unveiled throughout the year, comprising a trilogy of three collections of songs. This will feature some reimagined versions of classic tracks from her Ninja Tune catalogue, including ‘Professional Loving’ (which was sampled by The Weeknd on his track ‘Professional’). ‘Vega’ will also showcase new material including collaborations with Horace Andy (Massive Attack), Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit), and techno behemoth Rødhåd.

Emika’s repetitive ‘come, come, come’ sonic hook guides us through an epic journey of transcendental woosh sounds, Beethoven-esque piano bass stabs, symphonic synth harmony, and in unforgettable marching beat and puts Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop and Techno into a new dimension. Emika’s ice-goddess production contrasts the Earthy-tones of Horace Andy’s voice and shows the world her strengths and powers as an energy priestess. Experiencing this track in headphones with your eyes closed will give you the experience to remember.

Listen to Emika ‘Transcended Before Me’ feat. Horace Andy:


The track arrives with a psychedelic video clip, continuing Emika’s Berlin Fashion Week collaboration show with DSTM, and featuring the Siciliano Contemporary Ballet. The music video was created by director Zee Marla Osh, while on an acid trip, determined to find new ideas and she awoke with the confidence that people wake up with thousands of new ideas each day, it is simply not possible that all ideas have been done before: and so, this new visual was made. Emika’s face layered for a blue eternity, it’s a pop music video done to the highest of abstract degrees.

“’Transcended Before Me’ tells the story of how many systems, our currencies, our dreams, our health, have already been decided often by generations making decisions and contracts before we were born.” – Emika

Each of the three parts of ‘Vega’ will have a different theme and sound, demonstrating and celebrating the diversity of Emika’s career to date. Where Part One explores her electronica heritage, Part Two will bring in elements of her two piano albums: Klavirni and Klavirni Temna. Part Three will move away from electronic sounds and explore the neo classic side of Emika’s work, featuring a string quartet. Together, the three parts will form one brand new body of work. The complete project is funded by Initiative Musik
G ermany.

2021 signifies Emika’s 10th year in the music industry and with that comes time for reflection. Emika says: “The challenges that lay in front of any career artist are unchanging yet simple. Self-doubt can shatter any artistic vision and the universal illusion that something’s good because it’s got big numbers attached to it. I’ve always managed to find a way past these trials, listen to my heart and push myself hard to make the most outstanding music I possibly can while having faith in my ability to sell it myself. My career path continues to be an incredibly colourful one – I‘ve made many friendships through music and I’m grateful for everyone who has joined my journey so far.”

Emika ‘Transcended Before Me feat. Horace Andy’ is released on March 26

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Photo by © Sven Marquardt