Elements Music Festival Announces Its 2022 Lineup

Elements Music Festival
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
March 22, 2022

Elements Music Festival Announces Its 2022 Lineup

On August 19-22, 2022, Elements Festival announces its biggest lineup for phase one that they have ever booked to celebrate their fifth anniversary. With amplified stage production spanning every genre in electronic music, the final lineup will feature over 100+ roster of artists at a scenic and new location in the tranquil fields of Long Pond, Pennsylvania. This new site provides built-in food, water, parking, car camping, and safety infrastructure.

As always, the festival will have a unique aesthetic of equal parts perfect production, and a psychedelic neon jungle filled with art installations that can be comparable to that of a fever dream. Of course, a festival that is a spectacle is one that is most unforgettable.

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Elements Music and Arts Festival is the kind of event that showcases exhilarated tones. This year, as usual, the festival intends to lure its attendees within an immersive experience of car camping, dancing, and countless other unique exploits for 72 hours. An example of one of these excursions is aerialists rappelling from a 100-foot grain silo.

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Elements Music FestivalPulling the top artists from the dance music scene, Elements Festival showcases an incredibly diverse lineup, stacked with first-time appearances from Kaskade (Redux), Nicole Moudaber, Shermanology, and Gene Farris.

Enhancing the DJs and their lineups, the festival will coincide with four seasonal elements (Fire stage, Earth stage, Water stage, and Air stage) that are specifically designed for each stage. Additionally, large-scale interactive art installations and 3D video projection mapping will all accompany each stage, along with the music to create an authentic and unforgettable experience.

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For passionate thrillseekers who have a passion for sharing epic moments, the Fire stage is the place to be to enjoy sets from the likes of The Knocks and Duke Dumont. The Earth stage is for lighthearted and funky souls seeking lights, lasers, and ground-shaking sounds from prominent artists like Rezz and The Floozies. For those that enjoy free expression in all forms and who stay in touch with their inner child, the Water stage is the answer as artists like Dirtybird’s Claude Von Stroke and Ferris Wheel founder Gene Farris will perform. Lastly, spiritual individuals in search of transformation and connection through music, will find their tranquility at the Air stage to enjoy sets from NicoleMoudaber and Seth Troxler.

As for the history of the Elements Festival, what started as a one-day affair in 2013 on the Brooklyn waterfront, from the creative minds of both co-founders Timothy Monkiewicz and Brett Herman, has now grown to be an epic, immersive, and self-sustaining three-day music and arts festival. The Elements festival has catapulted and become a staple name on the festival circuit. This year, Timothy and Brett were intent on building a new world with their fans’ input in mind to deliver the experience they deserve.

Brett, co-founder of the Elements Festival adds, “We want to have people experience things at Elements that they’ve never done anywhere else. We’ve offered inflatable obstacle courses as well as saunas and other wellness types of wellness activities where you can actually be rejuvenated after a long night of partying. We’ve also had haunted houses, entertainers doing fire breathing, and even have had people get married on-site with makeshift chapels created in the woods.”

Elements Music Festival

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Monkiewicz, co-founder of the Elements Festival also reflects, We started throwing parties in NYC to provide people with an epic full-night journey, rather than just focused on selling tickets around a big DJ. Amazing music and dancing is always at the center of our events, but there was always a huge focus on interactive art installations, performance, and unique experiences”.

For the co-founders, safety is essential. For 2022, staff has been hand-selected by a new board of advisors, who have over 25+ years of experience dealing with large gatherings, to meet the highest standard of event knowledge, guest hospitality, and crowd safety protocols. Brett, Timothy, and the trained crew are dedicated to building an environment of accessibility, and options for food, water, bathrooms, medical needs, as well as wellness services to reduce wait times for all attendees.

This year, and every year, the Elements festival has a goal intended to nurture the mind, body, and soul for all attendees. For 3 full days, attendees can find themselves growing into the best version of themselves with yoga, aromatherapy, dance, comedy, sound baths, multidisciplinary workshops, and more. Food courts will also offer an array of healthy & organic local food sourced from Pocono Organics, including vegan & gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions. Water stations for attendees to fill up their hydration packs or water bottles will also be included.

Overall, the Elements Music and Arts Festival is more than just a party to enjoy, it will have an emotionally electrifying experience as it leaves attendees with a new outlook on life and even with new friends to share it all with.

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