Electronic Music Tracks To Help You Work And Study

Electronic Music Tracks To Help You Work And Study
Author : 6AM
August 26, 2020

Electronic Music Tracks To Help You Work And Study

A lot of scientific research projects have confirmed that the right kind of electronic music and the right tracks can help us be more productive, whether it’s when we study or are at work. This can include working on the computer, studying for more extended periods, or simply doing any kind of task in general.

Music can influence and activate different centers in our brain and set a positive mood which will help us with endurance, productivity and creativity. Moreover, music helps to distract from the everyday noise and create a separate universe where one can focus on their work or assignments. This is important for students to know and take advantage of as an efficient technique. The soon-to-be graduates, who combine work and study, though, might have little time to catch thesis writing inspiration even with the help of music. They can use top-notch online thesis help to clear up their schedule and find time to relax and listen to favourite rhythms as music helps to get rid of all the stress and fatigue.

There is a wide range of tracks online that are even specially created for this sort of use. The right track will include the ability to cheer you up, inspire positive feelings and memories, have an upbeat feel to it, and much more. So, what are some songs that resemble this description, and what is the best study and work music you can find online?

Shakedown “At Night” (Peggy Gou’s Acid Journey Remix)

This is a fantastic remix of Shakedown’s “At Night” from Peggy Gou and it’s the perfect track to start your playlist with. It gets straight to the point with the introduction of the main elements like percussion and bass, and the track doesn’t wait around to show you the exciting part.

There is a minimal amount of vocals in the beat, which is a good thing as you don’t want distractions like singing to make it harder for you to focus. The remix was released in 2018 but the original track is from way back in 2014. It’s the perfect kind of track to help you stay energized while working on something boring, like writing projects for college.

Drexciya “Andreaen Sand Dunes”

“Andreaen Sand Dunes” is a track that has been around for quite a while, from 2008 to be more specific. Its minimalistic style is perfect for allowing you to focus, and the fact that it slowly progresses to a more upbeat style offers a lot of excitement as well.

Drexciya is the electronic duo behind this masterpiece. They come from Detroit, and you can rest assured knowing that they have a lot of similar tracks to show besides this one. This is the type of track that can help you study faster and keep you more focused and inspired.

Eats Everything “Space Raiders”

What you can expect here is 6-plus minutes of pure energy and pump music. When listening to music while studying, it’s crucial that the song pumps you up and doesn’t let you fall asleep from boredom. Well, this is precisely the type of song that resembles those features.

The kick from this track alone is enough to keep you awake so you can imagine the adrenaline flow when the exciting bassline and synths kick in. Consider this type of anti-sleep flow when facing longer assignments like reading books or something similar.

Locked Groove “Intergalactic Surfer”

Intergalactic Surfer is a newer track released in 2020. This upbeat, groovy track offers 8 minutes of continuous upbeat flow. A bit of darker elements are introduced later in the mix, and this does a wonderful job of adding some variety and excitement to the track.

It’s a stunning track for doing extensive amounts of research for a project for school and one that you will be spending a considerable amount of time on. This track has the potential of being on repeat for several working hours.

Baxter “Galore”

If you want to relieve a bit of stress from studying or working hard for several hours, this is the track you want to add to your playlist. It’s the perfect choice for relaxing electronic music for studying, and it appears that it was produced for just the occasion.

The track features calm and relaxing melodies, and the choice of instruments matches the style perfectly. Just like all the others on this list, there are no vocals in the track, which means it won’t affect your focus badly, in fact, it is going to improve it significantly.


All of the tracks listed here offer a high number of benefits for students and others who are trying to improve their productivity. No matter if you are looking for the best music for studying, writing an essay or thesis, or simply any other time-consuming task, listening to this type of music will surely help out a lot. The benefits of this are higher motivation, inspiration to work or study, a lot more focus, boosts mood, and much more.