Ejeca Releases a Thumping EP on Sasha’s Last Night on Earth Label

Author : Lee Trotter
November 05, 2015

Ejeca Releases a Thumping EP on Sasha’s Last Night on Earth Label


Ejeca has built an impressive discography over the years with quality releases on labels such as 20/20 Vision, Moda Black, and Bpitch Control – but this only scratches the surface for the talented UK producer. With his Avon EP on Sasha’s Last Night on Earth imprint, Ejeca takes us to the center of the madness with proper concoctions of analog goodness and sultry vibes.

Last Night on Earth generally leans towards the progressive spectrum, and while the Avon EP has friendly melodic elements, the main theme to be taken away from the EP is that of pure techno power. The title track, Octiv, is most fitting with the labels sound. A liberal use of delay is used on the percussion sitting lightly in the background as the melodic lead dominates the entire arrangement. From here it’s off to the races – grab your dancing shoes and a bottle of water, because Ejeca holds nothing back from this point on.

BAK2U is a no-nonsense, in your face techno thumper. Sweeping melodic stabs enter the picture, only to fold back into the onslaught of peak time groove. Kelly’s ’95 segways perfectly after BAK2U. Sharp percussion parallels a punchy low end with a classic UK garage feel, but Ejeca does such with a unique twist that gives the track some serious character. Rounding off the EP is Keeperlit. A bouncy and fun take on techno, it’s a well rounded track that will certainly find a place on the dance floor, but the real winners on Avon are Kelly’s ’95 and BAK2U. 

Avon EP is available November 6th through Last Night on Earth on Beatport

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