Egomorph Combines Minimal & Psytrance in Deadtime Stories EP

minimal psytrance Deadtime Stories
Author : Daisy Magana
January 25, 2021

Egomorph Combines Minimal & Psytrance in Deadtime Stories EP

Italian artist Egomorph combines minimal and psytrance in Deadtime Stories, his new EP via Shadow Wulf Records (out January 29, 2021). It continues in his trademark style telling dark and twisted stories inspired by horror movies with a psytech beat. His penchant for horror themes and dark atmosphere is prevalent in all of his music. The dark atmospheres he gravitates toward help him create a balance between seductive and aggressive musical textures and melodies.

With this release, Egomorph was looking to focus on a more trendy modern minimal tech sound. He used more Moog synth sounds and less of his signature squelches/stabs but maintained his usual arrangement patterns. The EP is composed of two original tracks and five remixes. The EP’s first track “Deadtime Stories” is more linear and melodic with a strong kick and bassline. Whereas “Biolapsus” is more complex and dynamic. Electrypnose, Trilingo, Myad and Zandre Van Zyl join the EP on remix duty. Also lending her skills is Shadow Wulf label-boss Crescendoll on “Biolapsus.”

Buy Egomorph’s new ep mixing minimal and psytrance, Deadtime Stories 


Listen: Egomorph “Deadtime Stories” – Shadow Wulf Records

Egomorph has seen significant success in the psytech scene with his most notable release last year via Mau5trap, the brainchild of Deadmau5. His musical formula is characterized by a strong kick, groovy progressive bass, old horror movie samples and wet electronic stabs. Egomorph is always evolving and morphing his music creating limitless possibilities for unique sounds to emerge from his studio at any time.

I’m so honored and hyped for this EP as my second release with Shadow Wulf. It’s been a sincere pleasure to work with [the label] again and to collaborate with artists I admire and hold in such high esteem. I hope you all enjoy the journey through my favorite Deadtime Stories.

Egomorph on his upcoming EP


Listen: Egomorph “Biolapsus” – Shadow Wulf Records

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