Edu Imbernon Showcases His Production and A&R Prowess With “Underwater Breathtaking”

Underwater Breathtaking Edu Imbernon
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 13, 2020

Edu Imbernon Showcases His Production and A&R Prowess With “Underwater Breathtaking”

With Underwater Breathtaking we see Edu Imbernon cementing himself as an ever-evolving artist both as a producer and in his role of A&R. Edu Imbernon’s wings have been spreading for years, his flight taking him further away from dance-floor-focused tracks and closer to less palpable, ethereal soundscapes. While the paradigm shift is noticeable, there is no denying that this is a result of what can only be described as versatility and growth.

“Underwater Breathtaking” feat. Mordem is built on core Edu Imbernon production values, including stripped-back punchy drum sequences and powerful atmospheric characteristics. Yet, the original track out now on Fayer, goes several steps further into new territory. The result is decisively experimental in nature, taking listeners on an organic, exquisite flight through dreamy soundscapes.

This latest release is accompanied by reworks courtesy of  Marino Canal and Innellea. It’s with these choices that Imbernon’s A&R skills shine through, once again choosing to “take risks” towards remixes that shift away from “big names” and simultaneously give the original track a new, truly unexpected life. When I say “take risks” in no way do I mean to provide a disservice to the remixers themselves, but simply to underscore how meticulous the selection is on Imbernon’s part, and just how skilled the two producers in question are.

The result is a payoff that delivers, Mario Canal’s remix breathing new energy into the original from Edu Imbernon. His take, which is already released and available online, is kaleidoscopic — his rework captivating listeners through rich melodies and a minimalistic approach that achieves so much while also remaining understated.

Innellea’s remix is out next month on July 24thth, from which you can expect a signature melodic take on the original, the kind that has seen the producer release on Afterlife and Innervisions, just to give an idea.

Edu Imbernon Underwater Breathtaking is available via Fayer

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