Edible Records: Eats Everything, Nick Harris Serve Wax

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Author : Micah
November 05, 2015

Edible Records: Eats Everything, Nick Harris Serve Wax

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Dan Pearce, better known as Eats Everything, will be teaming up with his old label (NRK) boss, Nick Harris, to serve up only the hottest new tunes on vinyl, straight off the plate, with the launch of Edible Records.


Set to launch Friday, November 6th, the Bristol-based label will mark Harris’ return to the label business after ending his 15-year tenure with NRK back in 2011. The debut release will be Mark Of Passion/Fantastically Well, a two-track EP by Cornwall native Lord Leopard. The releases will all be available on wax, and Nicholas Dixon has already dropped some great artwork for the label. With two living legends curating the project, and given the strength of the upcoming release, one can only imagine what kind of funky concoctions these guys have cooking for us. Peep the EP below.

Mark Of Passion/Fantastically Well will be available November 6, 2015.

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