Dutch Government Plans for Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) To Take Place in 2021

ADE 2021
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 10, 2021

Dutch Government Plans for Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) To Take Place in 2021

The Dutch government has announced its plans to begin allowing music festivals within country borders starting on July 1st of 2021, meaning that Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is on the cards for October 2021.

As an incentive, the Dutch government will insure events planned after this date that are cancelled due to COVID-19. They will be doing this through a cancellation fund of at least €300 million to allow event organisers to plan for the second half of 2021 with security that they will be covered if the Coronavirus pandemic puts a halt to their events.

This fund will ensure that events with a minimum of 3,000 attendees, planned between July 1st and the end of 2021, are covered. It is important to note that that Dutch culture minister Ingrid van Engelshoven has stated that it is not “reasonable” to expect “masses can stand close together on a field” before that time.

“[This fund] is a dot on the horizon for festival organizers. They can fall back on the guarantee fund in which at least €300m has been reserved. The event industry has long come to a standstill due to Corona. Guarantee is needed to get it back on track.” — Dutch culture minister Ingrid van Engelshoven

There are already several Dutch festivals that usually take place in the spring or early summer, such as Awakenings and DGTL, who have rescheduled to the coming fall so as to be covered by the Dutch government’s cancellation fund.

Awakenings Festival will now take place across September 11 and 12 with DGTL Amsterdam also planning to take place across the same two days. While Awakenings is sold out, DGTL has very few tickets left.

With all this said, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) still plans to go ahead with its 2021 edition, which is scheduled for October 13th-17th.