DSTM Packs a Punch with New EP “Get Out of My Way”

Techno artist DSTM
Author : Nadia Shamsedin
June 10, 2021

DSTM Packs a Punch with New EP “Get Out of My Way”

After two releases on Coyu’s label Suara, DSTM “Get Out of My Way” is a raw new four-track EP back on his own imprint. Listen to the premiere of “Selfish Attitude 2.0, ” a thumping high-energy track perfect for a set peak-time.

6AM Premiere: DSTM “Selfish Attitude” – DSTM


The second track on the album “Selfish Attitude 2.0” is a perfect encapsulation of the EP. It’s an aggressive and raw offering full of absolute dancefloor weapons. You can pre-order the EP now, with a full release exclusive to Beatport on June 18, 2021. The EP will be widely available for purchase on other platforms at the end of June.

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“High BPMs, distorted sounds and musical influences from the 90s up to the best-known names of the current techno scene are visible in my style.”

DSTM says of his productions.

You might remember DSTM from his powerful stance on support for the BLM movement. The Italian producer created the track entitled “BLM” last year to support the movement, yet won’t release it until significant improvements to rid of the world of racial discrimination.

Get Out of My Way EP Tracklist
  1. “Get Out of My Way” (original mix)
  2. “Selfish Attitude” (original mix)
  3. “Domn Now” (original mix)
  4. “Dirty Money” (original mix
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