Drunken Kong Launches Remix Contest on Tronic

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 01, 2020

Drunken Kong Launches Remix Contest on Tronic

Here is your chance to have your remix released on Tronic thanks to this remix contest. Drunken Kong is one of Japan’s biggest techno acts and the label is looking for a remix to accompany their original ‘Peace’ track.

Please try to use the main hooks, while reworking them and making a proper remix. Also please try to keep it anywhere between house and techno. It needs to fit musically to Tronic. Drunken Kong and Christian Smith will carefully go through all submissions and select a winner.

At his timing of great difficulty and uncertainty, we decided to create a track that sends out a bright and positive vibe. We took vocal parts from a track we did for our debut EP on Tronic a few years back and we recreated this with a completely different feel and groove. We are very happy with how it came out and we are very pleased with this turning out to be a remix contest. You can do a lot with the original parts so we hope you enjoy working on it. We look forward to hearing the remix! – DRUNKEN KONG

The winner will get their remix released commercially on Tronic, and will also get a slot on Tronic Radio, and a possibility for a single release in the future.

You must submit your remix by May 10th, 9PM CET. Submit this form to receive the parts bit.ly/DKREMIXCONTEST and send your submissions to troniccontest@integralmusicmanagement.com

More About Drunken Kong

Drunken Kong is the project of D. Singh and DJ Kyoko. In 2010, the two started their project when one day they suddenly decided to make a track together, and they’re now a rare husband-and-wife duo touring the world, with plenty of quality releases in their cataloge. They have now released two albums on Christian Smith’s label Tronic, The Signs Within (2017) and Where We Start (2020) as well as numerous EPs and singles on labels such as Octopus, Stil Vor Talent, Terminal M while they remain active with domestic label such as Session WOMB and Plus Record.

Their music is gaining a lot of attention and support from international top artists and DJs such as Adam Beyer, Christian Smith, Monika Kruse, Pan-Pot, Umek, Boris, 2000 and One, Uto Karem, Karotte, Filterheadz, Dosem, Stephan Hinz, Wehbba Wally Lopez, and Deadmau5 just to name a few.

Drunken Kong has been constantly active in the Tokyo techno scene, playing regularly at major Tokyo clubs such as WOMB, Ageha, Unit, Vent and Sankeys TYO. The two have also started their own resident party called “INTENTION” at WOMB, inviting artists such as Christian Smith, Uto Karem, Nathan Barato, Arjun Vagale and Jewel-Kid to Tokyo while also expanding their musical influence to other regions of Asia.
Following the success of their productions and live performances in Japan, Drunken Kong have gone on to tour other Asian countries as well as Europe and the United States, attracting new fans with their unique sound and groove.