Doomsday: How to Get It All Together the Morning After a Party

Author : 6AM
September 29, 2021

Doomsday: How to Get It All Together the Morning After a Party

Clearly, you will remember yesterday evening for a long time or not at all because of the amount of alcohol you drank. The first thing we think about the morning after the party is “I’ll never drink again”. What can we do to feel alive again and be ready for the day at work? In this article, we will share the lifehacks of how to get it all together.

If you have a hard day ahead of you, then get up an hour earlier to have time to do simple procedures. If you have a day off, then you can devote all your time. The main thing is not to be lazy.

Top-priority aid

The biggest health disadvantage from alcohol is that it takes the fluid out of our body. If you are prudent enough, then during a party, you should pause between cocktails and drink a glass of mineral water without gas or water.

If you don’t succeed, then when you get home, be sure to drink a glass of water and put another one next to your bed to quench your thirst if you wake up in the middle of the night with the unbearable dry horrors.

On the day of a hangover, also fill your body with fluids. It can be apple juice, water, mineral water without gas, tea with honey and lemon. First of all, of course, you will want to drink a cup of coffee, but it is better to abstain, as coffee also causes dehydration.


Next, you need to urgently take a refreshing shower. It will become much easier for you.

When showering, use a brush or scrub your body with a washcloth. This will restore the process of blood circulation in the body and give you a feeling of vigor and lightness. It is also better to wash your hair, as your hair probably smells of either cigarette smoke or perfume. This will make you feel more refreshed.

If you don’t have any heart problems, then try a contrast shower. It is worth starting with warm water, then making it hotter, and then moving on to cold water. Do 3 sets. Morning tone is provided for you.
If you have enough time, then choose a bath. Add sea salt to water and soak. You can also add aromatic oils for complete relaxation.

After showering, moisturize your skin with a cream. It is better to apply the cream immediately after a shower, without waiting for the skin to be completely dry.

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Skin care

Girls, no matter how bad you feel, it is better to wash off cosmetics before going to bed, and not in the morning. If you haven’t, be sure to wash your face and remove your makeup. Then scrub your skin to remove dead skin cells. Chopped oatmeal is a great scrub if you don’t have more suitable cleansers. Follow with a moisturizing mask after scrubbing.

Men should find the strength to shave. A smooth-shaven face will not let anyone know that you had a mind-blowing party yesterday.

People who fancy red wine can give themselves away by the remnants of dark marks on the lips. First of all, it is advisable when brushing your teeth, go over your lips with a brush and remove these traces of wine. Before going out, be sure to use hygienic lipstick so that your skin on your lips is not excessively dry and this does not lead to cracking and bruising.

The most important thing that can give you away is bags under the eyes. The easiest thing you can do to get rid of them is to put two teaspoons in the freezer for 10 minutes. After cooling, massage the skin under the eyes and your slight swelling will disappear. Another way is to place green tea bags over your eyes and leave them for 15 minutes.


On the day of your hangover, naturally, your skin will not be in its best condition. In this regard, do not wear bright makeup, so that the pores are not clogged. On this day, give preference to light makeup and highlight only your eyes with mascara. Forget about dark eyeshadow and eyeliner for just a day. First of all, you need to think about having a healthy complexion. If you have not been able to get rid of the bags under the eyes and you want to apply concealer, then apply it closer to the bridge of the nose and blend it thoroughly.


In the morning after the party, your body feels as tired as possible, especially if you danced lively the previous night. If you have a whole day ahead of you, which you can devote to yourself, then by all means go for a relaxing massage. At, specialists will select the right techniques for you so that you do not feel how clogged your muscles are.