Donald Trump’s Hospitality Rider Is Worse Than Your Favorite DJ’s

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 15, 2017

Donald Trump’s Hospitality Rider Is Worse Than Your Favorite DJ’s

Donald Trump’s hospitality rider has been leaked, and it’s quite the list of requirements.

We now know the Donald prefers his soft drinks, Mountain Dew and Coca Cola, half-chilled, and that his Double Stuffed Oreos must be stacked in rows of 8.

Standard breakfast items such as bacon, eggs, white bread, butter and chorizo are part of the rider, because let’s be honest: he doesn’t hate everything south of the U.S.-Mexico border. And if that seems unhealthy then feast on some of the other food items on the list, which includes frozen Hungry Man friend chicken dinners, Sara Lee cherry and apple pies (but no ice cream? How un-American!), 4 tubs of Cool Whip, Krispy Kreme GLAZED (yes in caps) donuts and an entire tray of Kraft AMERICAN (again in caps, but no surprise here) cheese singles.

While the 80″ SONY Plasma TVs and XXXL silk robes don’t seem a big deal, the request of 5 maps from his “2016 electoral college victory, framed and hung throughout Suite” seems to really play into his known narcissist persona. Oh, and should he need napkins they MUST be KFC napkins and nowhere else, no matter how far the nearest KFC may be.

It’s hard to tell if this “rider,” which is the list of Hotel & Catering requirements for his 2017 Middle East visit, is truly real or not. As funny as this seems, and some of the items are funny, this honestly isn’t a very surprising list for a President of the United States of America, regardless of what anyone thinks of Trump.

The leak came from the Rogue White House Senior Advisor tweet account and can be seen in full below:


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