Dominik Fröhlich Newest Release Showcases an Eclectic Mix of Styles

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
September 27, 2022

Dominik Fröhlich Newest Release Showcases an Eclectic Mix of Styles

Dominik Fröhlich is an up-and-coming techno artist from Nuremberg in Germany, and his latest release showcases an eclectic mix of styles. The five-track EP titled Nacht is out now via Dominik Fröhlich’s own record label Hakiri Records, which is a regular outlet for his music, but he has also contributed releases to the likes of Mind Games Recordings as well. This five-track EP ranges from broken beats to four-to-the-floor grooves and switches between deep and explosive aesthetics, so there is something for all tastes.

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Nacht is the EP’s title track and opens the release with dystopian pads before introducing a breakbeat percussion loop that becomes the track’s foundation. Its atmospheric mood and raw percussion have contrasting textures that make this an interesting track and would work nicely as the opening of a DJ set or something to switch up the energy in the middle of a mix.

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Listen: Dominik Fröhlich “Nacht” EP – Hakiri Records (Preview)

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“Izanagi” is the second track and it’s orientated around the four/four rhythms of a chunky kick drum that’s overlaid with fast-flowing hi-hat rhythms and murky synth textures. Its dark and abstract style is full of suspense and building tension while the percussing keeps it dance floor friendly.


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“Pentalpha” is similar to “Izanagi” in terms of its core concept, but it’s a little more stripped back with a rumbling bassline that adds to the dark intensity of the trippy atmosphere.

“Pandora” switches things back to broken beats and is one of the EP’s stand-out cuts with its heavy percussion and eerie effects which combine to create spine-tingling excitement that wouldn’t sound out of place in a DJ set by someone like Blawan.

“Delusion” closes out the release with hypnotic synths and rattling percussion that’s cut by poignant pad chords to create a perfect early morning, sunrise soundtrack at an open-air festival or early hours DJ session.

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