Do This For Yourself!

Do this for yourself
Author : Jia Wang
February 01, 2023

Do This For Yourself!

There are so many interviews that we have done via 6AM group over the years where we ask the music artists what inspires and motivates them to do what they are currently doing or what they want to achieve, and we appreciate all of the answers that come back to us that seem to be authentic. For instance, the answers we get are they are doing it for the love of the music, for the fans, for their family, for the community, or doing it to help the scene grow. Whatever the motive behind it is, those are actually great reasons why they should be doing this. But there are not enough artists that actually boldly say, “Hey look, I’m doing this for myself,” which is more important in actuality.

In this article, we discuss the mindset of ‘doing for yourself!’

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By being able to put yourself through this rigorous process, you will be able to grow not only as an artist, but as a person. And we think many artists fluff on the fact that they are doing it for external reasons and there are even some artists that are doing it just for the attention, for the vanity aspect of it, to be famous, or to be popular. Whatever the reason is, at the end of the day, every artist needs to come to the terms that they need to meet to do things for themselves to prove themselves right.

If you have big goals and big dreams that you jotted down and aimed for, doing them for yourself and putting yourself in that mindset is a challenge on its own. This is not about being selfish, thinking this is all about me and doing this because it makes me happy, etc. Rather, it is for you to understand how much of a motivator that is. We talk about the concept of ‘you being your worst enemy or your #1 competitor’. Based on this concept, you should compete with yourself, challenge, improve, and level up inch by inch and day by day, by putting yourself in the mindset that you are doing this for yourself and that the competition or the challenge is really self-improvement. This is ultimately the mindset that you will be putting yourself into when you start doing it for yourself. On top of proving yourself right in terms of going for this journey, you can also use it as a motivating factor to prove others wrong. Although it is not good to use it as a malicious or a revengeful mindset, it gives a little bit of motivation to push off the naysayers that never believed in you or gave you a chance. Use that as a motivation or channel that motivation into something good, instead of channeling that motivation into something malicious or evil or unintentional.Do this for yourself

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To conclude, we say do everything for yourself; not for your mom, not for your girlfriend, not for your wife, not for your family. Do it for yourself! By doing it for yourself, everything else opens. By putting yourself through this process and making it through, all the other rewards are guaranteed. For instance, taking care of your family and taking care of the things that you have to take care of in life, you just have to start with taking care of yourself. Start with the mindset, then the mind takes the action, and then as you run through obstacles and difficult moments of your journey, just understand that only you and yourself is going to reel you out of this. You might get motivation and support from others, your peers, and the circles you have, but at the end of the day, it just comes down to you. So as you go through this, be sure to keep in the back of your mind to always do this for yourself.Do this for yourself

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