How DJs and Producers Can Market Themselves with Social Media

Author : 6AM
August 08, 2018

How DJs and Producers Can Market Themselves with Social Media

For many artists and producers in the music industry, social media is a helpful and vital tool that enabled them to reach a wide audience across the globe.

Of course, given the prevalence of social media in our day to day lives, this may already seem like a given to most. You’d be surprised, however, by how much social media is undervalued, misunderstood or simply misused in the branding and marketing of one’s own artist profile. Social media has become more sophisticated in recent years, with important changes happening at such a rapid rate that it can be hard at times to keep up with the latest updates for even the most important and used social networks. Thus, it is important for any artist or producer to know the right strategies to be successful in their social media efforts, and to constantly stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape that is today’s social media world.

So how can DJs and producers market themselves successfully in social media? All it takes is keeping the following basic tips in mind:

1. Be consistent with your identity. For better recognition, ensure your artist name and, if you have one, your visual brand identity is the same on all platforms so people can easily find it. This also makes for good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well. Try to keep your “handle” or ID consistent throughout all social networks, so you can be found with more ease. Sometimes this means having to make adjustments to your DJ name or little tweaks, like adding “music” or “official” at the end of it should you not find your name available without it.

2. Post content and interact consistently. Be consistent with the content that you are sharing/posting/tweeting to get yourself noticed. It is recommended that you post content more than once a week and to take time to figure out your style. It’s always good to have a mix of content on your page and not always making it about promoting yourself. Also make sure to interact with other artists, fans, and publications so you not get noticed but will leave on them a good impression of your brand too.

In today’s social media world the use of memes, videos, appropriate articles, etc. is important in connecting with your audience and becoming relatable in their eyes. This also gives you content that, if properly placed and shared, can become viral thus bringing new eyes to your pages.

3. Use a social media content organization platform.  Tools like Tweetdeck, Sprout Social, Pagemodo, or Hootsuite are of great help in automating and synching all your content posts. These are great tools to use if you find yourself too busy with music (as you should be), allowing you to schedule posts ahead of time when not working in the studio.

4. You don’t have to be on every single social network . At the very least, start off by picking the most important social networks, namely Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. If you feel like those social networks are enough, that’s fine. No need to push yourself thin by joining every social network which will only be counter-productive. If you can add other key ones in there then do Instagram first and move on from there. Don’t forget you can easily synch content so that one post ends on multiple social networks with a click or two.

5. Share only information that is relevant to your audience. You can start by experimenting on your posts and discover what posts your fans are engaging with the most. Focus on the content that works and less on what’s not working. Look at other artists that share the same sound as you and see what works for them, as it’s likely to be similar to what works for your audience also.

6. Synergize your messages and content across all platforms when possible. For example, If you have a new mix that you released on Soundcloud, make sure to push it on your Twitter and Facebook at the same time . Don’t forget to make an @mention of the artists that are appearing on your mix, if applicable. Those artists will highly appreciate it and might share the content, thus multiplying its reach.

7. Be patient. Establishing yourself as a DJ or producer in social media takes time and effort. So keep on posting and sharing as much as you can and you will eventually see your efforts pay off.

H/T: DCC Studios

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