DJ Tips: 6 Things to Consider for Live Sets

DJ tips live sets
Author : Kevin Ching
February 02, 2022

DJ Tips: 6 Things to Consider for Live Sets

Famous for his countless electro-melodic releases and his vibrant live shows, WORAKLS is a producer, DJ and live performer. A composer above all, WORAKLS writes with the orchestra in mind and presents his music only in a live context, not as a DJ set. In fact, the artist has also embarked on full orchestra tours where he is personally conducting the live orchestra and is writing out the musical notes for each instrument. Even though Worakls main focus is not necessarily a DJ set, his past experience with DJing and his live performance experiences brings plenty of great tips any performer can use. In his own words, WORAKLS gives his top 6 Things to Consider for Live Sets.

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A good intro and a good outro.

You want everyone in the audience to know that you are starting to play, it will bring the attention back to you if the crowd was distracted and allow you to conduct the show how you intend it to be. A good outro is of course very important to finish on an energetic or emotional climax to say goodbye to your listeners so they can understand that it’s the end and happy to let it finish too.

Look at Your Listeners.

If you want them to look at you, you have to look at them too. Having eye contact with your crowd will fulfill you and them with energy. there’s nothing more beautiful and pure than eye contact that says “I’m having a good time.”

“I started to perform live after some time DJing because I always had this idea that If someone would buy a ticket to come to one of my shows, they would do it to listen to me playing my music. So eventually I reached the point where I could play only my own tracks… and if I could do so, why not play them live to be able to control more things… and maybe add a keyboard, or an orchestra… You know, to add some live to the live.”

Why WORAKLS Opted For Live Shows Over DJ sets
Don’t Expect Perfection All The Time.

Even though I’m always very hard with myself when it comes to the performance, a  live set (when it’s really live of course) cannot be perfect. But I truly believe that it doesn’t have to be. Your audience doesn’t want a perfect live set, they want a show. So if it has to be a bit clumsy sometimes because you are playing with the crowd then it’s probably worth it.

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Have an Evolving Energy.

When I started to play, I read everywhere that a set had to be a crescendo. That the intensity had to grow the same way a plane took of. Over the years I noticed that i really couldn’t disagree more. I try to start my sets right away and I see the evolution more like a sine wave. With ups and downs. Nobody can dance 100% during a whole night, so I think it’s ok to let the energy go down sometimes and maybe increase the emotional intensity at these moments, so the people can rest but still be interested by what’s going on.

Know Your Tracks Well and Play With Them.

I think there’s a right balance to find between playing your tracks that the people know the way they know it, and surprising them with a new build-up, intro, outro, whatever will make the track special and more unique than giving them exactly the same as they would have on Spotify. To be able to do that, you have to prepare your tracks enough so you can be as free as possible while playing them.

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Enjoy Yourself

To finish, it might sound a bit cliche but… have fun! It’s truly beautiful to have the opportunity to play in front of people! Take advantage of these moments… not to mention that your energy will be communicative and the people will feel it. But even before all that, nobody knows how many shows you have left, we definitely saw it with the pandemic… enjoy each and every one of them as if it was the last one.

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