DJ Godfather Releases ‘This Detroit Thing Of Ours,’ 46-Track Album

DJ Godfather Detroit
Author : Daisy Magana
November 10, 2021

DJ Godfather Releases ‘This Detroit Thing Of Ours,’ 46-Track Album

The mighty DJ Godfather is back with a brand-new album. If you thought last year’s ‘Electro Beats For Freaks’ was a bombshell you’ll be blown away by This Detroit Thing Of Ours. The third track “What Up” Featuring Parkhouse is an energetic tune with the signature sound that is known for. Delivering a vibrant mix of the Detroit sound and techno. The beat is a fast pace with a touch of tech-house the vocals blend together showing off the true grit of his craft.

DJ Godfather (Brian Jeffries) is one of the founding fathers of the Detroit Ghetto Tech scene but has gone on to be so much more over a career spanning almost three decades. Once again he breaks all the rules with the forty-six-track album flowing into one another until the series of EPs on vinyl (and digital).  For those wanting an insight into Ghetto Tech, the album draws a line under the many questions posed to Godfather over the years about the genre.

6AM Premiere: DJ Godfather “What Up” (Databass)


01. This Recording
02. Are You Ready?!?
03. What Up Featuring Parkhouse
04. 1200’s Are Lit
05. Can’t C Me
06. Godfather L.I.V.E Featuring JPE
07. Oh Shit Featuring Goodmoney G100
08. Intergalactic Funk
09. Block The Hoe Featuring Ricky Burns
10. Let’s Talk Some Jit
11. Get Down Featuring DJ Deeon
12. It Started In The D
13. She Gettin’ Hit Featuring Goodmoney G100
14. Damage Control
15. Shake Them
16. Sync Buttons Featuring Goodmoney G100
17. Table Terrorist
18. Hold Up Featuring DJ Deeon
19. Take A Ride Through Detroit
20. Not Me Featuring King Saaidi
21. Ride That Thing Featuring Gettoblaster & Missy
22. Friendzone Featuring King Saaidi
23. Down Woodward Ave.
24. That Electro Shit
25. Assassin On The Decks
26. Eastside – Westside Featuring Goodmoney G100
27. That Street Beat
28. On The Gram Featuring Goodmoney G100
29. Squo?
30. Bass Drop Featuring Lil Mz 313
31. Step To The Tek
32. Damn It’s Fat Featuring Ricky Burns
33. Hyponotized
34. Footwerkz
35. Freq Me
36. Till It’s All Gone Featuring Ricky Burns
37. That Booty Featuring Lil Mz 313
38. It’s Ghetto Tech Featuring Dan Diamond
39. Outta My Mind
40. You Can’t Stop This
41. Warehouse Musik
42. Smokin’ Up Yo Weed Featuring Goodmoney G100
43. When Worlds Collide
44. Back It Up Featuring Ricky Burns
45. Count Back
46. Checkmate


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