DJ Double-Barrel: Still Raving at 63

Author : 6AM
August 16, 2017

DJ Double-Barrel: Still Raving at 63

Normally, people imagine a DJ as a young, hip, cool-looking guy or girl spinning the turntables. The popular perception is that the age range of DJs is between 20 and 40, with anyone deep in their 40s considered “old.”

Then there’s Bernie Edwards, a DJ based in Bristol in the UK, who goes by the name DJ Double-Barrel. He’s already 63 years old but he still parties and spins records for a good time.

Bernie is also a late bloomer in the DJ field, as he did not have the confidence in his youth to be one, despite the prodding of his friends and the records in his collection. It was only when he turned 50 that he pursued it, finally feeling confident enough to do it.

Now he has a regular gig as DJ Double-Barrel every Friday and Saturday night, playing ’60s and ’70s music to the delight of the over-50 crowd he plays for. And his nights have become popular events as well. A regular attendee expressed gratitude for his DJ sets: “This man has given me my life back after a relationship break up two and a half years ago. I’ve met so many new and lovely friends and look forward to going out every weekend,” she was quoted by Mixmag.

His inspiring story was shared through SunLife UK’s Facebook page in a video which you can view below.

For Bernie, there is no price experiencing what it feels like to have a room at the palm of his hands through the music he mixes.

“What I’m doing now is the most exciting part of my life,” he exclaims.

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