Dive in with Dj Dove

Author : Mark Grossane
October 19, 2022

Dive in with Dj Dove

Born in New York City and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey by Cuban parents, Barbarito Capote aka DJ Dove had devoted most of his career fine-tuning the sultry sounds heard throughout his eleven years as a producer. Over a career spanning multiple decades Dove has performed alongside such luminaries as DJ Disciple, Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclar, Todd Terry, Robbie Rivera and has collaborated in the studio with many more.

DJ Dove’s most notable productions have included Inaya Day’s “I’m Touched and Unkind” with Milk ‘N’ Sugar, as well as “Nobody But You” featuring Ladylife, with a sound that rooted in classic house and US garage. More recently Dove has moved into tech house territory, releasing on labels like Circus and Wyldcard, and now lands on Unlearn with the two-track “Your Lovin My Lovin” / “Booty”.

DJ Dove blends classic house and US garage with upfront tech house on the latest EP of his storied career. 6AM gets in depth with DJ Dove on his career, EP, and studio methods.

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Hey Dj Dove, thanks for joining us! How’s your 2022 been so far?

Hey guys thanks for having me it’s been an intense yet productive 2022 up to this point I’m very blessed.


What is it about the electronic music scene that stands out to you over the years? Any favorite clubs that you like to go to or play at?

What has stood out and still does is the fact in how DJs are viewed and treated as rockstars. People not only dancing + raising their hands but the whole taking pics + videos from your cellphone is quite interesting as well.


With a career spanning multiple decades how do you continually come up with a fresh approach to producing new tracks that appeal to the masses but also keeps to your sound?

Well every so often, I’ve learned that it’s critical reinventing yourself periodically. Things can get boring and stale really quickly for the promoters, club goers and to consumers who buy and take time to dissect different elements of the music.


Both tracks off your newest release features very catchy, soulful vocals, What’s your process for getting your vocals right? Record them yourself? Sample based?

Both tracks the vocals are sample based Splice is like practically one of my best friends I use to get interesting royalty free vocal samples. Therefore in this particular project I didn’t record them myself nor used any live singers. However, when I do record vocals, for me to get them right are choosing the best vocal takes, remove unwanted background noise, add effects, saturation, EQ them properly to give them more clarity + definition, use any pitch correction needed, and finally get the level automation + compression tight as possible to better control the vocal dynamics I’m seeking.

“…I’ve learned that it’s critical reinventing yourself periodically.”

DJ Dove on how he keeps it fresh


In “Your Luvin My Luvin” there is beautiful Wurlitzer sounding chords in the breakdown, Was this done in the box or did you use analog gear? What method do you prefer?

For this particular track, I brought in my own keyboardist my boy Chris S. he’s based in South America. I sent him the files and I asked him you think you add a certain sounding chord that would catch people’s attention. So he told me well I think a Wurlitzer sounding like organ would work best for this track because no one would expect it to don’t be afraid being different nor taking chances even if you think it doesn’t work. And he proved me wrong because he was right by getting that sound from his Sequential Pro 3 keyboard gear. I keep an open mind as far as methods no particular preferences I go with what works best for my idea I’m creating at the time.


Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

I have 2 records label operating right now called Grind City Recordings which is house, tech house, progressive and minimal genres and Grind City Mixtures which is more deep, soulful, jackin’ & afrostyles of house.  I have some great release available now and forthcoming. The labels are making noise so be on the lookout and support the Grind City Movement in addition to future label events I call “The Grind City Affairs” which I do on a monthly in New Jersey but coming to NYC and God willing globally in the near future. I’m currently working on my 1st album called “Truth Be Told” which will be released in late April 2023 so exciting times on the horizon for sure!


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