Diving Deeper with Ignez

Author : Skylar Schossberger
January 01, 2022

Diving Deeper with Ignez

Saltwater and sand dunes have shaped the artistry of Ignez from an early age. The artist grew up near the north coast of The Netherlands, where hypnotizing waves and infinitive beaches helped shape his indefinable techno sound.

The Berlin-based DJ and producer, owner of Somov Records, and Eerste Communie resident is a prolific creator. He’s released five EPs on Somov, and he will release on Setaoc Mass’s label SK_eleven in January. With every musical venture, Ignez aims to articulate the unconscious energy that guides individuals to a higher form of being and transforms the dance floor into a collective oceanic feeling.

We now dive deep into the sea of sound, creativity and mindfulness of Ignez. The artist reveals his unique vision and inspiration behind his new EP, SMV005.

Thanks for chatting with us from across the pond, we’re looking forward to learning about you and your work. Do you have any exciting events coming up? 

At the moment I’m focusing on a series of events with my label Somov Records. They will take place throughout Europe and maybe even the US. I’m working on a live set myself where I will collaborate with a cellist. That’s all I can share for now, so stay tuned for the future.

You grew up near the sea. Can you speak more about how nature has shaped the choices in your life?  

Nature, and especially the ocean, is the biggest symbol of freedom for me. Growing up as a surfer shaped my ultimate sense of liberty. I tried to hold this feeling close to me and that had a big impact on my future life decisions.

It can be overwhelming to make the right choices with current high performance expectations from society. Many people are suppressed by it. Although they feel like they’re free, the reality is that they’re not. I think in this way I created my own reality within this reality and thus felt closer to myself. 

For my fifth EP I selected four emotive tracks that I made whilst being surrounded by nature. I designed these tracks to invite the listener to engage not only with the music, but with themselves as well. I hope they encourage you to connect with the very core of your being, to liberate you and reveal your intrinsic freedom.

Ignez speaks about his new EP, SMV005.

Just like the tide, techno also features iterations and loops. How would you characterize the ocean’s impact on your music?

It’s mainly a place to recharge my creativity. It’s important to take a break from the studio. No better place than at the beach, to reflect and let the sound of the ocean neutralize my ears, come up with ideas, and take them with me. 

Listen: Ignez ‘SMV005’ EP – Somov Records

Can you describe the environment that inspired you to create SMV005?

Most tracks I created on a roof terrace last summer on a Spanish island. Seeing the sun go down in the ocean created a unique atmosphere. It’s those emotions and reflections of my surroundings that created the EP. That’s the magic of music for me. 

Here’s a photo of the exact moment:

There’s an Om symbol in your Instagram bio. What does this symbol mean to you?

Om is a foundation of Hinduism, where it is considered the very first sound of the universe. I prefer to let this be a symbol to serve as a reminder of my connection to the universe, as well as the unification of the mind, body, and spirit.

During your DJ sets you aim to guide individuals on the dancefloor to realize another spiritual plane of existence. What does it mean to you to realize a higher form of being?

Connecting to our higher self and creating new paths is an important part of taking care of ourselves physically and mentally. For me, being at a good party truly helped me to be in sync with myself, my body, and the people around me. No judgments or limiting beliefs, nor a reflection of your expectations. Just dance. 

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