DistroKid’s ‘Music Production ABCs’ is Perfect for the Little Producer in Your Life

Music Production ABC's
Author : Max Spruill
February 01, 2023

DistroKid’s ‘Music Production ABCs’ is Perfect for the Little Producer in Your Life

There’s no better time to spark someone’s passion for music than when they’re young because you might be helping a soon-to-be prodigy take their first steps. While some artists like Fatboy Slim have already begun to usher in the next generation by teaching their children how to DJ, others have looked to other creative methods to help teach production skills and more. And with artists like JAUZ, Sullivan King, and more having kids, the number of superstars in the making will only continue to grow. Luckily for those looking for a place to start, DistroKid is here to help with their children’s book, Music Production ABCs.

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Music Production ABCs is a kid-friendly approach to learning music production terminology that might even teach an adult a thing or two. The board book pairs colorful illustrations from Ardie Aquino with straightforward explanations of 26 terms to help introduce essential elements of the production process to help jumpstart their exploration. Terms defined in this book range from Compression, “Makes loud sounds quieter, and quiet sounds louder,” to Ultrasonic, “Higher pitched than a human can hear. But dogs and bats can hear it!” Can you guess what they chose for X, Y, and Z?

This book from DistroKid is the perfect gift for the artist in your life who is expecting their first child or has one already who seems to love vibing out whenever music is being played. It could even be a gag gift for your friend who claims to know everything about producing but fumbles up production terminology far too often in conversations.

DistroKid’s Music Production ABCs is currently available on Amazon for $12.98.

Originally reported by EDMidentity.

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