Discovering La Santa

La Santa
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 13, 2020

Discovering La Santa

Born in Madrid, Spain, La Santa is a DJ and producer whose love for groovy music has brought her to dedicate her entire life to the craft.

Recognized for her infectious groovy and techy sound, La Santa has been gathering DJ experience in DJ booths through her home country as well as a foray in Bali, all in all sharing the booth with respected international DJs the likes of The Martinez Brothers, Seth Troxler, Gonçalo, Los Suruba, Wally López, Ismael Rivas among others.

2016 was a great year for La Santa, as its first references were published on labels such as Lemon-Aid Music, remixing Gianni Firmaio with Ismael Rivas for Mushroom Smile Records, at Natura Viva or Blend It Records with Ismael Rivas and Iván Pica. In the years to follow, her music has found a home on other labels including Desértica Records and now, Chus + CeballosStereo Productions, where she is about to release a three-track EP in collaboration with Blueheist titled Malik Arya Kala.

Today, we premiere “Kala” from this forthcoming EP, which is out November 18th, and present to you an exclusive interview with La Santa, discovering what she is all about.


Hi, thank you for chatting with us today! Where in the world are you these semi-lockdown days?

Hi! Thank you for having me! Hope you are doing good. I am in Madrid, Spain.

How is the situation over there right now?

The situation is kind of hard here, we are in a state of alarm, with curfews and the economy is suffering a lot.

I am sorry to hear, it’s like that in my home country of Italy and the U.S. is struggling too. It’s been quite the crazy year, how have you been living it and making the most of it?

Despite the hard times, for me it has been a really productive year. I tried to make the most out of it at the studio and working on a new project which will see the light next year.

We premiered your track “Kala” from your recent release on Stereo Productions. Do you feel that you’ve been most or less productive and inspired in the studio this year?

Yes! I am trying to make the most out of it and been working hard. Inspiration is not always easy to find but being distracted, listening to music and meditating have helped me to focus.

Congrats on the release of course. What does releasing on Stereo mean to you as a producer?

Thanks! I am really happy with this release and releasing on Stereo Productions. It is my first release in this label which has been always a reference for me. For me, Stereo is equal to quality and great artists, so I am very excited!

You’re born and raised in Madrid. Can you tell us a little about your upbringing and how you ended up discovering and falling in love with electronic music?

In my family we have always listen to music, all kinds, from Jazz, Soul, Classical, World Music, Flamenco, Bossa Nova…My mother has been a great influence on me regarding music, she used to took us to Classical music concerts and teach us how to appreciate all genres and that made me very sensitive as she is. We used to sit and chat about artists, concerts and listen to them. Sharing our passion for music.

Who were the first artists you were really into?

Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston and of course Sade who has been and is a great reference and a source of inspiration. In the electronic scene, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Masters at work, Ministers de la Funk, Jocelyn Brown…I used to play their records on and on, I love this house music and brings me back very good memories.

What about now, who are the DJs and producers you admire the most?

Dj Chus has been always a reference, with epic tracks such as “That Feeling”, Louie Vega, Hraach, Armonica, Fabrication, Lunar Plane or Sparro & Barbossa are producers that I really like.

Can you describe your biggest influences these days when you get in the studio? What gets your artistic juices flowing?

My biggest influences or better say, my biggest challenge, is to create new sounds, get out of my comfort zone and try different melodies. Always try to push me in an area which I am not as confy than in another. I listen to music which hasn’t got anything to do with electronic music, such as World Music, Michael Jackson or Sade; artists that evoke me something, that get me feeling it.

How would you describe your sound to someone who is just getting to know you and your music?

I will say my sound is what I say “back to my roots”, those ethnic, tribal, drummy sounds that evoke me something with melodies that touch your soul and voices that capture you from the first moment. I try always to create an emotion, make people connect with themselves thru my music, create a journey for them putting all my good vibes, feelings and love.

What else are you into, besides music of course?

I love cooking, travelling and meditation.

I saw an Instagram post of you with an adorable dog, is he/she yours?

Yes! Her name is Tomasa and I have 4 more dogs, I am a dog lover!

What would you say is your favorite meal?

Ummm, very difficult to pick one as I like SO much eating different foods from all around the world. Depending on my mood I go from Mexican (Brisket Tacos VERY Spicy), Japanese (a good Ramen or all types of sushi), Italian (Gnocchi al Gorgonzola one of my favs), Spanish (a good Tortilla de Patatas), I could carry on all day… (laughs)

What is one city or country you’d love to visit the most some day?

CUUUBAAA, it is being a while that I have it on my mind; also Jordan. But, since I love travelling, and now with all the world situation, where ever I can I will be happy!

Thank you for the chat


La Santa & Blueheist Malik Arya Kala EP is out on Stereo Productions on November 18th

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