Discovering Albanø

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 26, 2020

Discovering Albanø

After many collaborations & quality remixes, French DJ-Producer Albanø drops his first EP on Family Piknik Music. A 3-tracks odyssey titled Odace, with epic melodies, disturbed textures and very groovy beats…

Mysterious but efficient, Albanø showcases here an interesting side of his creativity. We explore his creativity and dig into this mysterious artist with our latest Discovering piece.

Read on for our exclusive interview with Albanø.

How has lockdown been? What kept you busy? Did you learn new skills or just relax?

Pretty good! I was home with my girlfriend and roommate so we had good moments of life, playing video games, cooking cakes and chilling out. I was back from my winter season in French Alps when lockdown happened so it wasn’t bad timing for me. I needed time to recover from those 4 months mixing each day for La Folie Douce skiing resort. After a few weeks, I started producing music again so it was a good creative time too.

How did you link with Family Piknik?

It began in 2018 with my first track I produced with my roommate and best friend Mood Gorning, which Family Piknik Music picked up for a V/A release. After this, things kept on evolving with them and we all had a very nice human feeling. I’m now part of their artist roster and it’s a luck to work with their team on a daily basis. It makes me quite proud, I’m very happy.

Tell us about your first solo EP – what inspired it and so on?

“Odace” is a really personal track. It might sound a bit dark but I promise I’m someone pretty happy most of the time (laughs). I’ve been DJing for more than 10 years, I’ve always been open-minded about music, I love playing all genres of music as long as people are having fun and dancing. When I’m in the studio, I try to let my emotions flow and I like being more intimate. That’s why some of the tracks can be darker than happier but if you listen to these 3 tracks, you won’t find only negative energy.

You have remixed for Family Piknik plenty before now – how differently do you approach a remix vs an original?

Indeed, the process is really different than composing an original track, I like this a lot. It’s always a good challenge to remix someone else’s music, I try to write a different story from an existing one, maintaining the link with the original elements. I love to download stems, check them out and imagine what I could make with them. But in the end, I only keep small parts and very few elements to go into another dimension. It’s even more challenging to do a remix because you also have a kind of pressure with the producer who trusted you for a remix. You never want to disappoint them.

How important are your DJ experiences for feeding back into the music-making process?

My experience as a DJ allows me to be more creative. I love being free when I compose my music but I also keep in mind there are standards in our music so I need to stick with some of these usual codes to please the largest amount of people.

Do you have a process in the studio you go through when making music? Any rituals to get you in the mood?

Absolutely not! When I switch on my machines, I never know where I go. I just feel like I need to make dancing music, delivering a piece of my identity. I’m trying to find the right balance. I also collaborate a lot with my buddies Pontias and Mood Gorning. We live in the same city (Saint-Etienne, France) so we share our studio times and motivate each other.

Are you someone who works in there for set work hours or only when the inspiration takes you?

It depends… I consider making music as a real job, so I try to be focus and methodic. I like the idea of having working hours because it’s important to have spare time too. It’s useless to be in the studio if there’s no inspiration nor any pleasure. As my studio is always next to me, I’m pretty flexible and if an idea comes to me, I can record it any time.

You have lots of melody in your music – where does that come from, why do you love melody?

Good question! Maybe because I’m an emotive guy? I can easily have tears when I watch a movie (laughs). But please, keep it private…

Are you formally trained in music or is it all trial and error for you?

I never studied music. I learnt producing music by myself and slowly understood the whole production process. I’ve always loved music and DJing was my first hobby. So being a DJ-Producer is not an accident at all.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Next to my first solo EP on Family Piknik Music, I’ll have a track named ‘Syntagma’ featured on a V/A on Récit de Mars, Several Definition’s label – it’s out on October 2nd. I have much stuff ready, solos and collabs with my gang Mood Gorning and Pontias. Being part of the Family Piknik roster makes me more and more active, so please stay tuned.

Albanø Odace EP is out today on Family Piknik Music and available HERE

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