Digging Deeper with Julia Govor and her latest project JUJUKA

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April 25, 2019

Digging Deeper with Julia Govor and her latest project JUJUKA


Julia Govor is having quite a busy year pushing forward on her latest project, JUJUKA, which is currently picking up steam. With her latest release and a showcase in Los Angeles this weekend, we took the time to chat with her amidst a busy touring and studio schedule to get a glimpse of what JUJUKA is all about

1. Cheers for taking the time to chat with us today. How has your 2019 been coming along?

When I’m preparing for my sets and listening to promos I feel like it’s the 90s. I try not to think about what year it is now and give maximum focus to things which are happening around me.

2. We have been very intrigued about your Jujuka project, first thanks to the eye-catching and honestly hilarious art, and then the releases and event series. While I did my homework on the project, would you be so kind as to share the story behind the original Jujuka concept with our readers?

I really appreciate journalists doing their homework. I see you have done some research.

The project is about music, short narratives, true stories, comics and illustrations where artists behind this project want to go beyond what the conventional record label offers. Jujuka was born from my personal initiative to write short narratives about the electronic dance scene and the experiences I encountered during my journey inside the industry, as DJ, producer and of course, a true raver.

The universe created is a parallel to New York City: the imaginary 909 District. It is a monotone world where color is non-existent, with a high contrast of black and white, and clean broken line.

The anatomy and design of the protagonist, Jujuka, takes inspiration from Amedeo Modigliani’s sculptures. The Italian painter was strongly influenced by African Art and tends to stretch the length of features of the face and body, keeping the eyes black, creating a charming and introspective atmosphere in his paintings.

Sometimes, when I feel lost, I go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and look at the sculpture “Women’s Head”. I hear voices in my head when I look at it but don’t understand the meaning, the language.


3. What is the meaning of the word “Jujuka”?

Jujuka means – “dance like nobody watching” on Beja language.

4. From my understanding, Jujuka is a collaboration that brings together your love for music, your experiences in the industry and the artistry of a Le.BLUE, an illustration duo out of London. How did you first meet or discover Matt and Loanne, the duo behind the Le.BLUE project?

I organized an international contest online, there were about 20 participants, but Le Blue’s works caught my eyes the most out of all.

I came to London and we climbed a tree together in Kensington Garden, it was extremely forbidden.  I never forgot how my shoe got stuck so I had to run away from the police without one shoe. We jumped into the River Thames in November.  We survived.

Then, most impressively, when the artists were able to dance 24 hours without any party supplies, and after that crazy test, they went home and drew comics with Jeff Mills!

We made a long-term relationship agreement and promised each other we would be loyal, responsible and respectful.


5. How much of your own vision and direction goes into the Jujuka artwork?

I am not gifted like Le.blue with drawings and storyboard but I am imaginative and good with stories.

6. Were you a comic reader as a child?

Russian kids read “War and Peace” darling.


7. Why did you choose the comic medium as the art that would accompany these releases and this project?

I like to do things differently plus I like to reach territories where I never been before and there is so much to learn. Contemporary society is dominated by social media, where a need exists to constantly showcase a filtered version of reality.  I felt like Jujuka could bring a completely fresh approach to the techno scene.

8. Jujuka 01 contained 100% Julia Govor work. When can we expect the next release and will future releases feature other artists?

I hope at some point later this year. I would like to release music of others, I would like to do it in a very professional way and be able to offer full label support such as production cost, studio expenses, PR campaigns, tour dates act. It takes time to do it this way.


9. Ultimately, what would you say is the goal behind Jujuka and how do you hope it differs from other label offerings?

My goal is very simple to able to keep standing by my ideas, to continuum get people attention, not using sexual or political tools, stay creative and be generous, independent and free.


10. You’re bringing Jujuka to Los Angeles on Saturday, April 27th as a party concept/label showcase, with some friends in tow. Can you tell us a little about what fans can expect?

Loud sound system in generally my priority,   it will be very fast and physical music. Gerard, Kamran and Henning are working on very special sets. And of course, it will be fully animated techno rave. Jujuka will move in the same rhythm with others– VJ Blake M Carringtone cooking something.

At the event, people can also purchase the first JUJUKA001 record with my hug on top!       

11. I see that you’re hopping over the pond too, playing alongside some great name at Berlin’s Griessmuehle. Do you plan to spend more time in Europe this summer?

Mostly in and out, not for all summer, as i have so much to do at home, traveling really unbalance self discipline. Also I have so many opportunities to play in America and Latin America lately.  My colleagues always complaining about scene in USA and I was wondering how can I not become the same. We obviously playing in same places. After few years I realized, the problem is that some of artists  see half glass empty, i see half full! Some of them are taking risk, some of them not really. Also, I see how local promoters are pushing hard to new genres and they open to try new things. I respect it and always open for ideas, even sometimes financially it doesn’t make sense. I still doing it.  

12. Jujuka and Julia Govor the artist aside, what else are you looking forward to in 2019 outside of music?

I am working on a environmental friendly project which helps festivals go green and I am looking bring on help:  researchers, managers, team leaders, press, businessmen’s and investors. are welcome too. If you’re interested, let me know!

You can catch the Jujuka party in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 27th
Event Info | Tickets

Julia Govor will also be doing a vinyl-only showcase pre-party at a record store Stellar Remnant in Los Angeles