Desktop Record Cutter (DRC) Campaign

Author : DK
December 07, 2014

Desktop Record Cutter (DRC) Campaign

ConceptAustralian Paul Butler Tayar and the Machina Pro team are onto some very interesting vinyl technology as we move into the New Year. They have a Desktop Record Cutter (DRC) in development that would allow people the ability to produce a vinyl product themselves. This is an exciting development that is looking to gain more support and traction within the next month.

According to the team on their Kickstarter page, “the DRC is automated using precision engineered technology for ease of use [for new cutters], whilst allowing custom control, upgrades and modification for the experienced engineer”

Source: DRC Kickstarter

Here’s one of two “Proof of Concept” videos that briefly show what the DRC currently looks like and is capable of:

Tayar and Machina Pro aim to raise $10,000 Australian dollars ($8,321 USD) for the project in order to increase production, buy in bulk, and lower the cost of the retail price. They state that if the minimum goal were reached they would be able to retail the product at $6,500 USD. Now, initially this seems like a high price point for something that is in a niche industry making a comeback. But vinyl sales are up the past two years, and projects like these clearly aim to bring life into a world that has become so dominated by various digital mediums.

For the true vinyl enthusiast and audiophile, this could be a revolutionary new addition to a collection and skill. However, some think this is too involved for the average vinyl consumer, which is reasonable to say. Most people aren’t knowledgeable on vinyl cutting, I sure as hell know I’m not, and beginner settings aren’t enough to influence or encourage me to take it up as a hobby. But where I think the DRC has potential is for many artists who are also involved with individual labels and collectives. This can be a great opportunity to press some fresh white labels, or even kickstart some more vinyl only labels. Sorry, no pun intended there.

The DRC project currently has 25 people backing it, and has raised $1,497 AUD. With 24 days to go on the campaign there is still ample time for people to get behind the ideas of this technology. It’s already peaked the interest of many in the industry, so we’ll keep an eye on it and see where it goes.

For full information, statements, and how to contribute take a look at the teams DRC Kickstater Page