Demanding Accountability, #ForTheMusic Tackles Sexual Abuse

Author : Daisy Magana
September 30, 2020

Demanding Accountability, #ForTheMusic Tackles Sexual Abuse

2020 has been a year of awakening and for others, it’s also been a reckoning. Artists who felt untouchable have been proven quite otherwise. Bassnectar, Billy Kenny, and the late Erick Morillo are among some of the names that surface when it comes to addressing the pervasive issue of sexual violence within the music industry. They’ve all been “canceled” or at least have helped show why it’s (still) important to continue talking about it to bring the dance music industry back to its roots. #ForTheMusic is the first step to creating a safer environment.

Demanding accountability within the dance music industry regarding sexual assault and rape allegations, the #ForTheMusic campaign is working to address these issues. “After all the reports coming out from women who have been sexually assaulted in the industry at the hands of powerful men had really made me [analyze] the scene and how it really is fucked up,” wrote techno artist Rebekah via her Instagram. “We have turned a blind eye, stayed silent and let things carry on how they have always been for far too long.” She is spearheading the effort alongside Reprise Talent Agency.

Music was born from the desire for a safe space. A place for freedom, for love, for artistic expression. A place that stood for something. In music we found purpose, a higher calling. But somehow along the way, through our journey we let we let DJs become Gods and suddenly they stopped becoming accountable for their actions.

MeToo #ForTheMusic Open Letter

The campaign asks that the dance music industry community pledge to:

  • Ensure artists, employees and audiences are protected against sexual harassment.
  • Guarantee employees of the industry a safe workplace.
  • Demand artists and performers end the culture of silence, be allies and to speak out when they witness sexual harassment happening
  • Hold clubs accountable for ensuring a safe space for performers, employees and audiences free from sexual harassment.
  • The site also features a Get Help and Resources section for anyone affected by sexual harassment or rape.

Sign #ForTheMusic Pledge to Demand Accountability Within the Music Industry Against Sexual Abuse


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How can I mentor women and members of the LGBQT+ community knowing they will face sexism, harassment and at worst, assault and rape and stay silent on this issue. We have a great opportunity to now assess what kind of industry we want to return to when it opens back up, what kind of people we place in these powerful positions and how we can we make clubs, festivals and after parties a safer place.

Rebekah champions for creating a safer, better space within the dance music industry

End the culture of silence, and share the message.

You can learn more about the Movement and more at Connect with the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.