Premieres: Krafted Underground to Release 23-Track Deep Tech Los Angeles Vol. 2 Compilation

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 13, 2018

Premieres: Krafted Underground to Release 23-Track Deep Tech Los Angeles Vol. 2 Compilation

The metamorphism continues in Downtown Los Angeles – from an underdeveloped urban landscape to a thriving metropolis with a flourishing underground music scene.

Arising from this transformation is Deep Tech Los Angeles (DTLA) – a collective of underground house producers from Los Angeles, all striving to build a grassroots movement of music, radio and events.

Established by Jason Trevor Miller aka Redux Saints, the first US graduate of the Toolroom Academy programme, his aim was to provide a medium for LA based producers to be heard through organizing Deep Tech Los Angeles compilations. DTLA Volume 1 peaked at #1 for Minimal/Deep Tech and #10 for Progressive house on the Beatport album charts. Volume One also gained massive support such as Mark Knight, Friend Within, Walker & Royce, Sirus Hood, Riva Star and Henry Saiz as well as others. Krafted Underground brings you the second installment looking to reach new milestones with impressive new comers to the collective.

DTLA Volume 2; released on Krafted Underground and available for pre-order via Beatport, showcases the deep, techy and progressive sounds that DTLA stands for, featuring tracks from some of LA underground scene stalwarts Redux Saints, Shanto, Contessa, Andy Slate, Lok N Key, P-LASK, 28mm, Thomas Garcia, and newcomers to the collective Anakim, Teddy Wong Juany Bravo, Jaime NarvaezDMorse and PABLoKEY.

6AM is honored to be premiering the entire compilation. We have released six tracks each week for the last four weeks, culminating with the premiere of two separate continuous mixes featured with the compilation, all of which you can enjoy below. Tracklisting for each mix, one a Tech House mix by Redux Saints and the other a Deep Tech mix by Shanto, can be found at the end of the article.

Since DTLA Volume one was released, Deep Tech Los Angeles has secured residencies at Sunday Sanctuary, Station1640, and The Globe Theatre.

Krafted is the creation of Paul Sawyer and Darren Braddick, who joined forces in 2014 after running separate labels. The third partner – Jason Miller (aka Redux Saints), based in LA – joined the team in 2016 to assist with the brand’s US presence. With over 500 releases across the label group from artists including: Doorly, D-Formation, Dave Seaman, Made By Pete, Nick Muir, Colin Dale, Moonface, Terry Farley, Ben Remember, Graham Gold, Robbie Rivera, and many more, the label has established an exciting and diverse catalogue.

To further showcase its talents, Krafted also own an online station, Krafted Radio. With shows from Dave Seaman, Graeme Park, Just Her, Ingo Volelmann, Brent Lawson, David Dunne, Chloe Fontaine, Simon Sinfield, Paul Sawyer, Daria Fomina, Dave Crane, Traxsource, Decoded Magazine and more.

Deep Tech Los Angeles Volume 2 Tracklist:

Redux Saints – Sparkle Donkey (Original Mix)
Anakim – Basin City (Original Mix)
Teddy Wong – Chant (Original Mix)
28mm – Triptych (Original Mix)
Aaron Jacobs – Antidote (Original Mix)
PABLoKey – Poseidon (Original Mix)
P-Lask – On and On (Original Mix)
Andy Slate – Leaves in the Wind (Original Mix)
Thomas Garcia, Fantom Freq – Union Station (Original Mix)
Contessa (UV) – Prana (Original Mix)
Mr Fitz, No Pants Party – O’Business (Original Mix)
Juany Bravo – My Main Gurl (Original Mix)
Jamie Narvaez – Voltaic (Original Mix)
DMorse – Smoke Signal (Original Mix)
Eric Ross – Deeper High (Original Mix)
Manti – Desolate (Original Mix)
Missy B – New Beginnings (Original Mix)
P-Lask, Nivl – Ain’t No Lovin’ (Original Mix)
Lacey IQ feat. Juliet Mendoza – What U want (Original Mix)
Lok N Key – La Boom (Original Mix)
Mr. Bootsauce – Ready Steady (Original Mix)
Spacenative, Kloxii – Be Here (Original Mix)
Shanto – Umbra Mea (Original Mix)
Redux Saints – Deep Tech Los Angeles, Vol. 2 Pt. 1 (Continuous DJ Mix)
Shanto – Deep Tech Los Angeles, Vol. 2 Pt. 2 (Continuous DJ Mix)

Redux Saints DTLA Volume 2 Tech House Mix:

01 Missy B – New Beginnings (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
02 Lacey IQ Feat Juliet Mendoza – What U Want (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
03 P-Lask – On and On (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
04 Mr. Bootsauce – Ready Steady (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
05 Lok N Key – La Boom (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
06 Mr. Fitz, No Pants Parts – O’Business (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
07 Dmorse – Smoke Signal (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
08 P-Lask, NIVL – Ain’t No Lovin’ (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
09 Jaime Narvaez – Voltaic (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
10 Juany Bravo – My Main Gurl (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
11 Thomas Garcia, Fantom Freq – Union Station (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
12 Teddy Wong – Chant (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
13 Redux Saints – Sparkle Donkey (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]

Shanto DTLA Volume 2 Deep Tech Mix

01 Aaron Jacobs – Antidote (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
02 Spacenative, Kioxii – Be Here (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
03 Anakim – Basin City (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
04 PABLoKEY – Poseidon (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
05 28mm – Triptych (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
06 Contessa (UV) – Prana (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
07 Shanto – Umbra Mea (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
08 Manti – Desolate (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
09 Andy Slate – Leaves In The Wind (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]
10 Eric Ross – Deeper High (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground]


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