Deciphering The HDDNSYMBLS With Orly Gal

Author : Mark Grossane
March 24, 2023

Deciphering The HDDNSYMBLS With Orly Gal

Orly Gal is a techno artist from Los Angeles, America who is back with the second release on her record label, HDDNSYMBLS.

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HDDNSYMBLS’ new release features three dark and hypnotic techno tracks by Orly Gal, which she has made in collaboration with fellow American artist Sleepy Cat.

Both artists are well-known on the Los Angeles underground club scene and prior to making their debut collaboration with the EP, they had individually started making waves as producers.

Outside of her own record label, Orly Gal has worked with other imprints such as Kaiserdisco’s KD RAW and we decided to catch up with her to learn more about her new record label, HDDNSYMBLS…

Source: Orly Gal PR

Hi Orly, it’s nice to be talking with you today, could you start by talking through your sound and some of your influences?

I would describe my sound as an ever-evolving blend of emotion that orientates around raw driving techno with experimental sound design. I am really inspired by artists that aren’t afraid to explore new sounds and are not only passionate about their craft, but are also phenomenal performers, which to name just a few, includes the likes of Lady Maru and Trent Reznor.

You are based in Los Angeles… Are you originally from the city, and what do you think of the local club scene?

I was born in Mexico City to Israeli and European parents. I was raised in Israel in my teenage years, but later I was very fortunate to travel the world and have been calling LA home for the past 13 years.

There are only a few proper techno clubs in LA, so it’s the underground scene where the community is thriving, and it’s a privilege to see it evolve week after week.

Can you list some of the places or nights you regularly play at in Los Angeles, and which are some of your favorite events to attend as a clubber?

This last year has been wild and I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of amazing line-ups with Compound, Incognito, Work, Techno Fam LA, Blind Tiger, Carpe Noctem and so many more. These also happen to be my favorite spots to frequent as a fan, which has made playing for them even more special.

You also produce music, and I wanted to ask about your new release with Sleepy Cat. How do you guys know each other, and what made you decide to work on some tracks?

Yes! Sleepy Cat (Ken) is a dear friend and colleague. We’ve known each for well over 10 years and have witnessed each other’s growth/development as artists. The timing and style of music we are both making is a perfect fit so we decided to collaborate and that gave us the opportunity to create this EP.

Talk me through the collaborative tracks with Sleepy Cat and the concept behind them?

When we first came up with the idea to collaborate, Sleepy suggested we keep the EP rooted in live hardware performances and really take the music making process out of the box to move away from standard methods.
It was a really exciting process for us to be able to explore different instruments and techniques, but ultimately, jamming live together was what made this EP such a magical ride.

Buy Now: Orly Gal & Sleepy Cat “Money Breaks” – Hidden Symbols Records

Your new EP with Sleepy Cat is out on your own record imprint HDDNSYMBLS, and we wanted to learn more about the record label?

Hidden Symbols Records was born in 2022 as a boutique label dedicated to the curation and cultivation of driving electronic music, as well as the development of contemporary sound. It’s a platform that will support forward-thinking techno and showcase artists who believe in a similar ethos.

Listen Now: Orly Gal & Sleepy Cat “OS EP” – Hidden Symbols Records


So far, it’s been a tremendous whirlwind to see the support that’s lead to the previous debut release charting top 3 on Beatport. We have also been building a community of people that have been submitting music and it’s been great to see things already building momentum.

The first release on the label featured my track “Justise” and also included a remix by Belgium techno legend INSIDER. It was a well-received release that represents the spirit of the label.

Ken and I talked extensively about where the right home would be for our release which is titled “OS” and we both agreed that the EP really defined the goals and principles of Hidden Symbols Records.

I am so excited for the future and cannot wait to welcome new artists to our family, as this is the very beginning of what I’m hoping will be a long and fruitful venture.

Source: Orly Gal PR

What’s coming up next in your schedule, any gigs or new releases you are excited about?

At the moment I am really focused on making music. I have lots of releases coming out this year including some solo projects and some collaborations. I’m also working on a live act with a full band that I am really excited to share with the world.

As far as performances go, I am so stoked for an upcoming show with Work at the end of April, then later in the year off to Movement in Detroit and I’m also planning to attend ADE in Amsterdam.

Source: Orly Gal PR

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today, is there anything you want to add before we finish?

I appreciate all the love and support, as it never goes unnoticed. Thanks for having me, it’s been a pleasure talking with you :)

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