Davide Squillace: My Five Current Favorite Records

Davide Squillace
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 09, 2020

Davide Squillace: My Five Current Favorite Records

Born in Siena, raised in Naples, it took a trip to London for Davide Squillace to finally discover electronic music. Wooed by the mood and sound of the British scene, he returned to Naples flush with energy, excitement and a knowing that this new calling would.

Davide Squillace, known also as Eriko Tanabe or Omix, is certainly not one to rest on his laurels: the Italian DJ/Producer could lay claim to being one of the busiest artists in electronic music. Each year that passes sees Davide increasingly adding to his ever-expanding repertoire and range of creative projects.Davide Squillace is clearly an established and internationally renowned producer and DJ, with touring and production credentials that speak for themselves. However, it’s his constant dedication to pushing the boundaries with a multitude of new creative ideas that marks him out as a true artist.With a slew of releases on prominent labels Squillace soon landed himself residencies at legendary institutions Circoloco and more, where he had the chance to tour worldwide. From there he had the chance to curate several of his own imprints and join forces with two pioneers Matthias Tanzmann and Martin Buttrich to form ‘Better Lost Than Stupid’.  With constant dedication to pushing the boundaries with a multitude of new creative ideas, Davide’s infectious sound promises to captivate the danceloor at London’s Printworks on February 29th when he played back-to-back with Matthias Tanzmann for the Ants take-over at the iconic venue.Ahead of the Printworks show, for which you can find all information here, we asked Davide Squillace to share five of his current favorite records with us!

Let’s Go Deep

This was my first collaboration with Basti Grub. It’s hypnotic with just the right amount of grit, but it’s the vocal which really gives the track its personality. Basti and I played together at our ‘This And That’ show at Sonar last year, and this track went off… Dirty, sexy house music!

Everlet (Johnny D Remix)

Great EP this one! I’ve been a fan of Ray Okpara’s music for a while, with his mix of percussion and deep hypnotic house sounds. He did a release for me on ‘This And That’ in 2018 called “For Those Who Know’. This Johnny D remix, with it’s minimal take on Ray’s original is perfect for my sets.

The Legend of Ryder 502 (Tribute Mix):

There’s some great music coming out in South Africa right now, this is a bit of an undiscovered gem this one. ‘On the Under Pressure’ label combines haunting melodies, with swirling sirens and tribal chants to produce an underground club classic… One for the heads!

andhim – Last Song (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)

I love the more playful sounds on this record. It’s difficult to create an uplifting track, that has a sense of fun, that isn’t cheesy and still works on a dancefloor. This is perfect to change the mood in a club, or great at a festival in the Summer with the sun out!

Body Twerk (Extended Mix)

I’m a sucker for a male vocal!! This is a cool collaboration between GAWP & Gene Farris. Their mix of UK bass & Chicago sensibilities, create a chugging future classic that’s been going down a storm. I can see this one still rolling for the Summer. Expect to hear this a lot in Miami for WMC.

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