DANZAH Releases “Escape Reality” EP with Numen

Danzah Escape Reality
Author : Kevin Ching
May 10, 2022

DANZAH Releases “Escape Reality” EP with Numen

Label boss Xenia welcomes Australian producer DANZAH on Numen with his massive EP Escape Reality.

A release with a big emphasis on darkness, it contains 3 tracks with fast paced, stimulating rhythms resulting in a fragment of explosive energy.

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Listen Now: DANZAH Escape Reality EP – Numen

DANZAH is not only known for his energetic sets but also his ability to take his listeners on a journey with his gradual change of tone throughout his mixes. With being on recent labels such as IAMT RedReload BlackBaikonur Recordings, and Erase Records, DANZAH will continue to move into the new year always hungry to create innovative, underground tracks. From having ready support from the likes of Richie HawtinJoseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Spartaque, Markantonio, and Lexlay, DANZAH has always been successful in maneuvering through the underground industry with a creative purpose as well as on a quest towards perfecting his skills.

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