DANZAH Ends the Year with ‘Linked Minded’ EP

danzah linked minded
Author : Daisy Magana
December 17, 2021

DANZAH Ends the Year with ‘Linked Minded’ EP

Australian DJ and producer DANZAH is an emerging artist within the underground music scene. His greatest influencers are some of the biggest heavyweights in the industry, which fueled his passion into reality to begin his musical journey. He’s been perfecting his craft in the studio with releases on well-known labels. He is welcomed by The Yellowheads to the Reload Black family with his final release of the year titled Linked Minded EP.

6AM Premiere: DANZAH Linked Mind EP

The EP features two heavy hitters with different types of tones and styles displaying his artistry full force. The first track wastes no time with its curling bass and deep plucky lead progressively picking up over the track. An explosive wave of energy forms a stunning display of creativity in Linked Mind. “Understand” takes on a brighter vibe with atmospheric vocals to the pounding kick basslines. A satisfying and solid EP for the yellow masked duo.

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