Daniel Ladox Releases False Faces EP on Shadow Wulf

Author : Mark Grossane
November 01, 2022

Daniel Ladox Releases False Faces EP on Shadow Wulf

Daniel Ladox has a new four track EP out on Shadow Wulf Records.  A dark minimal techno journey you’ll be sure to enjoy.

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Daniel Ladox, an Iranian artist based in Turkey, began his electronic music journey back in 2011. After years in the studio fine tuning, he has now curated his signature artistic sound within dark minimal / peak-time / psychedelic techno. His tracks feature heavy bass lines, groovy drums, and dark, trippy atmospheres with a touch of melody to capture souls. His music provides an optimal blend and balance of simultaneous darkness and light in both energy and melody. Daniel has released on many digital labels, most notably with Subios, Alpaka, Music4Aliens, Thunderstruck, POINTZERO, and now Shadow Wulf.

Source: Shadow Wulf PR

In this EP, Daniel attests that he has creatively poured his heart and soul, as well as his concern and anger over the growing troubles in his home-country of Iran, and his interest in bringing about social balance and peace. The title track False faces focuses on lost humanity, violence, and slavery in the modern age, especially in his home-country. The title “False Faces” is a call for everyone to remove their masks and show their truth in the hopes that this stripping away of facades results in more authenticity, unity, and an exchange of love. The second track, “Useful Pain” is meant to convey how sometimes pain can serve to teach and enact change & solutions to problems. Daniel hopes this message can be conveyed in his music, and invites listeners to embrace their dark side in order to balance the light and darkness within.

Also included on the release are two remixes from producers Monococ(Germany) and David Phoenix (Austria). The entire EP is out now.

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