Damian Lazarus Prepares New EP with The Ancient Moons

Author : Victor Arellano
November 17, 2015

Damian Lazarus Prepares New EP with The Ancient Moons


You feel the warm sand beneath your bare feet as the floor vibrates with the pulsations of the track filing the empty air. Eyes closed, mind turned off, and body feeling just right, you open your eyes to a wide desert off mutant hippies everywhere and a large robot looking stage with a mysterious looking man at the center with a particularly large and sophisticated fedora topping his head. Feeling disoriented and alien, with the strangest hint of spiritual wealth, you realize this is a peculiar occurrence. Not only did you just go through a journey, you were taken through a journey by one of the best sonic-story tellers alive: Damian Lazarus.

Damian Lazarus is world renowned for many good reasons: He is the father of the legendary Crosstown Rebels record label, he’s held a residency at DC 10 Ibiza for almost ten years, and quite simply: his ability to curate intuitive and hearty music through his own productions and has harvesting the talents of many others (IE Jamie Jones, Art Department, Maceo Plex, Deniz Kurtel)

Damian’s new release, “We Will Return”, on his own Crosstown Rebels Label is just everything you’d think of when it comes to highlighting that particular sound that emulates the experience of a renowned and respected DJ: groove, simplicity, and soul (baby). This EP was released on November 12th 2015 and is available on most major websites (links posted below). It contains a number of fine remixes by Infinity Ink, Serge Devant, and a dub remix from Joeski. To add just a hint of subjectivity to an objective article I must note: all remixes ARE REALLY GOOD. Quite usually when listening to albums, there tends to be one or two tracks not to favored (not with this release though). You get a little taste of everything with this release. Flavors of all sorts, and they go down just right. An album for those special times at night.

Download Album: Beatport | Juno | Decks | Phonica