D-Sol: The DJ Who is Also the Co-President of Goldman Sachs

Author : 6AM
July 20, 2017

D-Sol: The DJ Who is Also the Co-President of Goldman Sachs

Corporate executives are often perceived to be the serious, boring, and snotty types, more likely than not “all business and little fun”, so to speak. With their ties and dark suits, they are the last people one may imagine at a techno or house music show.

With that stereotype in mind, it is easy to think of David Solomon as just another one of these corporate executives with no ties to the electronic music world. After all, he happens to be the Co-President and Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs, one of the biggest investment banks in the world. His role alone includes plenty of responsibilities that seemingly leave little to no time to pursue other passion projects or hobbies, and especially so if they involve anything related to the nightlife industry.

Image via Instagram

David Solomon is not your typical corporate executive though. Despite his position, he still manages time to do one thing he loves to do: being a DJ.

Outside the Goldman Sachs office, Solomon spends his time on the turntables, DJing various events as a DJ known as DJ D-Sol. His DJ career is more or less a monthly gig, but nevertheless an extensive one as he has played in different places from New York to the Bahamas. He even managed to perform alongside Paul Oakenfield in Miami as part of Oakenfoeld’s “Generations” tour.

D-Sol’s latest performance was at a daytime event during the Fourth of July weekend, playing what is possibly a track from EDX titled “Missing.” ¬†Whether he prefers to spin more “commercial” electronic music from the likes of EDX is up to speculation, as unfortunately his Instagram account is set to private, thus depriving the rest of the world of any D-Sol videos that may be available out there.

Regardless of the kind of electronic music he prefers to spin, there is no doubt that every executive can learn from him not only in terms of work-life balance, but also in being a motivational figure who can inspire employees to enjoy life outside work, especially in a cutthroat industry such as that of financial services.

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