D/n Debuts First EP on New Label Spazio Magnetico

Author : Nadia Shamsedin
June 15, 2021

D/n Debuts First EP on New Label Spazio Magnetico

Longing for some classic analog and melodic techno vibes? Look no further than D/n’s latest track “Dipolar.” Daniele Serraino aka D/n is an eclectic Italian DJ and producer who has been nurturing his passion for electronic music since 2001, when he started his musical career first using vinyl and then studying analog sound synthesis. He recently launched his own label Spazio Magnetico.

In addition too “Dipolar,” the “Phase Transitions” EP will also feature two other original tracks by D/n, as well as one remix by up-and-coming talent dotdat. The EP will be available in both digital and vinyl, with a full release on June 5, 2021.

Purchase D/n’s Phase Transition EP on Bandcamp here
6AM Premiere: D/n “Dipolar” (Original Mix) – Spazio Magnetico


D/n comes from the Italian underground scene where he built a great reputation in the Acid Techno scene with another project, allowing him to play in many clubs and European rave parties. He has also produced for many labels, including his own Ausgang record, founded in collaboration with another artist.

Since 2014 he has dedicated himself to techno productions, in search of his own style that is constantly developing and is characterized by dark melodic atmospheres, melodic with dub, broken, techno beats. He is a big fan of vinyl and strives to play diverse sets which range from broken techno experimental to dub to main room techno, combining his latest unreleased productions to his vinyl collection.

Full ‘Phase Transitions” EP Tracklist

  1. “Anomaly” (dotdat remix)
  2. “Anomaly” (original mix)
  3. “Dipolar” (original mix)
  4. “Polarity” (original mix)
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