Crypto Storage: Software Wallets Vs. Hardware Wallets

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 25, 2022

Crypto Storage: Software Wallets Vs. Hardware Wallets

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies (the medium of value exchange) and unlike a literal dollar note, these are stored in networks that track transfers to and from your account: (your account is usually some form of “wallet” that allows you to connect to the web for the transactions involved). Scans the code, then adds or subtracts coins from your account accordingly).

There is a problem cryptocurrencies face that is double spending issues. For not having any physical or real world form, there are chances of it being spent twice. A dollar cannot be in two places simultaneously; Once spent, it’s gone. On the other hand, digital assets can sometimes be spent twice by the hackers. However, that is against the rules of cryptocurrencies. 

Since the invention of cryptos, it is always known by everybody that it can be spent only once. The blockchain is the system in which bitcoin pass from one party to another in a transaction. Blockchains are specifically designed to transmit currency or value-based tokens, as specified in the paper and implemented later. It is based on how banks transfer funds but are intended to be much faster and cheaper.

The current blockchain has some peculiarities as it was created specifically for financial transactions. It is not the only form of blockchain or distributed ledger that can be made because the problem that Satoshi was trying to solve involved money transfers.

So, cryptocurrency is simply money transmitted to numerous parties using blockchain roads. The first cryptocurrency was bitcoin, and the blockchain was initially known as the bitcoin blockchain.


•Cold wallet

The working of this wallet is not related to online storage; thus, does not require internet connection. Everything can be done offline, including transactions and balance monitoring. Because the internet is not required, many business people and investors prefer cold wallets. Additionally, it is less likely to be exploited by hackers.

A paper wallet is a type of cold wallet. A paper wallet is an important document with both private and public keys. The documentation is printed using a printer. In this all the information about private keys and public keys are printed. After that, it does not remain in any device and only in physical documents. A QR code is inserted into the document so that it can be verified and signed to proceed with the deal. Paper wallet can be taken as extremely secure medium for storing your cryptos. However, the biggest disadvantage of this medium is that if the document is lost, the user will never be able to control their money.

A hardware wallet lets youstore your private and public keys; and it is also a type of cold wallet. This is a secure process of storing your cryptos. Many investors prefer this storage to safeguard their assets.  This is some external devices just like a USB, and you should store the private keys offline using a computer with an internet connection. The USB device and smartcard are similar to the paper wallet and must be kept secure. So that it does not get any damage or loss and the user will not lose access to his currency.

Hot wallet

For the full wallet to function, this form of wallet requires internet access. For daily transaction or any kind of transaction with cryptos, having an internet connected device is must. That is called hot storage or hot wallet. The internet is crucial for all services such as crypto transactions, balance monitoring, etc. The private keys connected to the internet are hypersensitive to network-related theft. Hot wallets are what they’re called.

This hot wallet adds all the features needed to perform a deal into a single internet connection. The hot wallet makes and stores private keys; they are used to sign deals and propagate them to the network. The problem is that after the verified deals are posted on the internet, a danger crawling the networks could get control of this private key.


Both storage types have their own share of utilities. However, we need to use them effectively and wisely. While we trade Cryptocurrencies, we have two options to store them. Please read this article to learn about them briefly or go for the Bitcoin era app.