Cringe Dance Floor Moments

Cringe Dance Moments
Author : Max Spruill
May 19, 2022

Cringe Dance Floor Moments

When we pay our hard earned money to go out and attend a show, we expect to be amazed one way or another. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how; it could be from an incredible light show, a really impressive venue, a high quality sound set up and great track selection, or sometimes just by watching somebody make an absolute fool of themselves at the rave. Well, let me save you some money and show you some people make an absolute fool of themselves at the rave for free! Just be careful and try not to copy what you’re about to see here, or it could end up costing your dignity. 

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Have you ever gotten so drunk you thought the DJ booth was the bar? Me neither, but unfortunately our friend Meg here can’t say the same.

It’s a good thing she had her friends with her, hopefully she just ended up getting four waters instead after that. Hydrate before you die-drate folks, or at least before you act stupid on camera.

But what’s better than seeing someone in the crowd make a fool of themselves in front of the DJ? Seeing the DJ making a fool of themself in front of the crowd.

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Talk about an epic drop! What’s arguably more embarrassing than watching this DJ literally dolphin jump and knock all of his equipment onto the floor, is the fact the music kept on playing afterwards. All he had to do was just press play and he still found a way to screw up his set…

It’s funny to watch a DJ mess up their own set, but it’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch someone else ruin it for them.

Speaking of heartbreak, all I want to ask this girl is, who hurt you? The DJ? The promoter? The sounds of Latin-house? Whoever it was that caused her pain, can someone please get this girl a Sambuca to take the edge off? Just don’t let her throw the bottle again, this time it’s glass.

These little blips have been good moments of dance floor foolery, but if you want to get all your monies worth out of this free to read article, then check out Kaytranada‘s famous (or infamous) Boiler Room set.

At about 1 minute 20 seconds in, you can see this bro try to run game on the girl in front of him, and absolutely bugging the hell out of her in the process. You don’t need to hear what she was saying to know that she was telling him to back the F off, and that’s probably putting it way nicer than she did. Then barely a minute later, at around 2 minutes 10 seconds we see an absolute giant of a man encroach Kaytranada’s space behind the decks and start combing his hair with a pick. He leaves and then comes right back to do it again. That’s just in the first 2 minutes of this video, just wait and see what else you’ll find watching the rest of the sets 45 minute duration.

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Bonus pick: although nobody made of fool of themselves in this video, I don’t think Amelie Lens was expecting to go back-to-back with her cat when this livestream was running…

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Talk about not so purr-fect timing! But never the less, it looked like Amelie was really feline it anyways (am I the one being cringe now?)

After watchings these cringe moments, hopefully you laughed, but even more so hopefully you were also taking mental notes of what not to do on the dance floor. Please don’t be like these people (unless you’re Amelie Lens’ cat.) Now you can understand why we cover your phone camera with a sticker when you come to  6AM warehouse parties… it’s for your own good.