Coyu: “Nowadays Who Made The Track Is More Important Than What Made It”

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 24, 2017

Coyu: “Nowadays Who Made The Track Is More Important Than What Made It”

Coyu, Suara label chief, producer, DJ, philanthropist and now clothing line boss, has taken to his Facebook page to lament on the state of releases in today’s underground dance music scene.

The reason? Coyu feels that unless a large name is attached to a track, the release isn’t getting purchased despite amazing reception when played live in front of packed dance floors.

“Big labels don’t care about people like you,” he states, explaining how large imprints do not take the time to listen to demos from unknown producers, subsequently failing to give great tracks the release they deserve. He thengoes on to take the conversation full circle, “But then one day, maybe today, you have a gig later at night, you go to Beatport because you wanna buy some new tracks to blow up the dancefloor and then… You only buy music from big names. You don’t care about newcomers or non well-know profiles because you only trust on those names you have been listening for years releasing on big labels and those names which tracks everybody play because they are hype, they are hot, they are cool. And then you realize you don’t support people like you.”

Coyu’s point is a simple one: it’s easy to get lost on the big, obvious and known names when searching for new music, often overlooking the talented up-and-comers or new-to-the-game producers with fantastic music available for purchase. The catch-22, he explains, begins with the local producer who fails to support the music of peers on the same level as his, often opting to purchase and then play obvious tracks in their sets instead.

The Spanish musician specified how he has seen this happen with his label across the span of its 10 year life, “When we release a track from a big name or a hot name no matter the quality of the track it works great, sales are huge. Then you decide to give a chance to a different profile and the sales go down. This week’s release on Suara is a perfect example. 5 incredible techno tunes and non a single track reached Beatport’s top100. I’m playing those tunes on my shows and people go nuts, but people don’t buy them because nowadays who made it is more important than what made it.”


In the comments Coyu introduced the possibility of doing a 2 hour Facebook Live stream in the next few days where he will listen to demos and answer fan’s questions personally. Check out his Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date information on when the live stream will take place.

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