Council of Ibiza Could Soon Have The Power To Ban Any Open Air Event They Want

Author : 6AM
July 27, 2017

Council of Ibiza Could Soon Have The Power To Ban Any Open Air Event They Want

Ibiza is synonymous with fiesta, an island made famous in three decades ago thanks to its open-air terrace parties at iconic clubbing institutions such as Amnesia and Space. Yet, in recent years we have seen officials in the island scale down on its daytime and open-air events, instituting a 6am sound curfew with penalties for clubs violating it as well as shutting down beach parties including events such as tINI & The Gang, Dynamic and Detroit Love.

Officials have come as far as to claim that the island cannot handle an increase of tourism, while residents keep using the leverage to contain the scope of the parties still going on.

However, things could get a lot worse soon. This is because of the passage of the new tourism law for Spain’s Balearic Islands, in which Ibiza is a part of. The law was passed on Tuesday and is set to be implemented soon, with an amendment made that would grant Ibiza and Balearic’s three other local councils the power to “regulate, determine or prohibit, in a reasonable manner, tourist activities” related to entertainment. This would apply to any location that hosts musical events, including clubs, café conciertos, beach clubs and ballrooms.

Ibiza’s tourism authorities explained that the law is meant to encourage sustainable tourism in the island. “It was very clear that the tourism law needed to be modified,” explained Vicent Torres, director of tourism for Ibiza council. “Such a previously liberal law offered the opportunity for activities that are incompatible with the day-to-day life of an island that wants a sustainable kind of tourism…the shouts of the people get louder against a situation that distorts relaxing tourist zones.”

How the law’s implementation will impact Ibiza and its famed club scene remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how this will all turn out.

It is also important to consider that despite the councils’ new powers, the amendment also states that the islands’ individual municipalities (in Ibiza that means San Antonio, San Juan, Ibiza Town etc) may apply more restrictive measures without the agreement of the corresponding island council.

H/T: Resident Advisor