Cory Goldsmith’s ‘Before Long’ EP Marries Techno and Trance

Cory Goldsmith Spans Techno And Trance With "Before Long" EP
Author : Nathan Christopher
April 21, 2021

Cory Goldsmith’s ‘Before Long’ EP Marries Techno and Trance

“Before Long” marks Cory Goldsmith’s first outing on VRTN, putting forward a trio of tracks that are equal parts dynamic and introspective, capturing the ear of the listener in any setting.

‘Before Long’ is a driving piece of progressive techno, offering a unique combination of arpeggiated sequences, dynamic drones, and scattered percussion. ‘No In Between’ presents a bassline-driven atmosphere, making use of acid lines and gated synth stabs to maintain a sense of energy and dynamism throughout. ‘Liberation’ is a melodic and nostalgic interpretation of the techno genre, making reference to elements of old-school house and trance while retaining the energy and drive of modern techno.

6AM Premiere: Cory Goldsmith’s “Before Long” EP

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