Corvad Launches New Label with Hardcore Track “Take Me”

Author : Skylar Schossberger
September 20, 2021

Corvad Launches New Label with Hardcore Track “Take Me”

Russian producer Corvad is ready for lift-off in three, two, one. Corvad’s new label and latest album aim to venture into areas unknown and explore new dimensions of sound. The changing, and often hectic, tide of the times influences his music. There is no question that the energy shifted in 2020: the pandemic changed everything.

Our new world requires radical creatives and solutions. After recent signings on mighty mau5trap and legendary Soma Records, Corvad and his team decided to create their own brand. Corvad introduces the first chapter of his upcoming full-length album to mark the launch of his record label, Cosmism Records.

Cosmism Records stands in stark comparison to an electronic music market oversaturated with cookie-cutter acts and nearly identical tracks. The label will be releasing music that goes beyond general music genres. Cosmism’s new album begins with two original tracks: “Circle” and ‘Take Me.”

Listen to ‘Take Me,” the second but not less important track from Corvad’s EP. ‘Take Me” bursts in like a hurricane, crushing the shackles of everyday life with its breakbeat rave charge and high energy atmosphere.

‘Take Me” is just the beginning of the artist’s latest creative round. The track is a testament to his unexpected sound and is a preview of the boundless possibilities that Corvad’snewfound creative freedom has unleashed.

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