Conversations with SHADED + Global Vibe Radio Guest Mix

Author : 6AM
November 13, 2014

Conversations with SHADED + Global Vibe Radio Guest Mix


SHADED is having a busy 2014 with tours and productions keeping him on his toes for most of the course. His major EP on SCI +TEC, ‘‘Dwell’’,  released earlier this year reached #1 on the Top 100 Beatport Minimal Release charts. Following the success of ‘’Dwell’’ was the EP – ‘’SHE SHE’’, his debut release on Tiga’s Turbo Recordings in June 2014 solidifying his production versatility. On the road, he has exemplified his signature sound – a weaving combination of funky, psychedelic vibes and texture, making his sets something to remember. His sound is undeniable in character and a breathing new life in to the techno world. Since 2012 SHADED has been playing his LIVE sets worldwide, touring with the SCI+TEC family alongside Dubfire and Carlo Lio gaining him recognition throughout the industry as one of the top LIVE acts.

We recently caught up with SHADED to discuss his forthcoming EP, Gender Bender, on SCI+TEC along with his upcoming Monday Social Sound Nightclub appearance and what it has meant for him to be touring with some of the world’s top elite acts in the past 2 years.

Q1. For your next EP on SCI+TEC, you have two great remixers on duty rounding out the release. This is your first time allowing anyone to ever remix your music- what was the thought process behind choosing both Carlo Lio and Matador to remix your music?

I have always had a particular sound that I have liked and pushed, so every time I make music it tends to have my signature style on it. For a while I was creating and nurturing this sound, and now I feel like I have hit a point where I am really excited and comfortable with allowing others to play around with my music. By letting other artists to remix my music I get to see another side of it that I would never actually create myself, and that itself is fresh for me. I was able to choose who I wanted to remix this EP, and therefore as both Carlo and Matador are good friends, it was an easy choice. They both have a definitive and signature sound that is so recognizable, which is something I love. When you hear a Carlo or Gavin’s tracks you know instantly who it is, and that’s what I wanted them to do with Gender Bender – essentially to make it their own.

Q2. We know you enjoy vocals in your music, however Gender Bender has a lot more vocals in comparison to all your other previous work. What prompted you towards this more vocal inspired tech house sound? 

I have always loved vocals, so I wanted to make a record that really showed that. One night we were out booze cruising in Barcelona on a night off and I came home really inspired to make music. Not sure what prompted me to try and “sing” but at the time I thought it was really cool. I think when we were out we were listening to Prince at some bar – maybe that’s what inspired it! So I came home, sat down and laid down a couple of versus and a chorus – it was kind of like a normal song layout and before I knew it the sun was up.

Gender Bender EP is out today on SCI+TEC via Beatport, grab your copy here.

Q3. 2014 saw you release originals and remixes outside the SCI+TEC label which has organically become your primary outlet. Can you tell us your plan for 2015, and what you have planned for next year in regards to musical output and the new live show you have been working on?

In 2015 I am looking to build on this past year. I have loads of new music finished and ready to go, just need to work on getting it out! I have 2 confirmed releases set for SCI+TEC next year, and other than that I am looking to find new homes for all this music. I have a few labels I really want to be a part of, so that will be one of my main goals. Also, I have been working on finishing this new live show. It has been taking a long time to finish, but its looking cool and I am excited to debut it soon. There is no date set yet, but it should be relatively soon as I really want to tour it next year.

Q4: Your last show in the U.S. was here in LA back end of May, what does it mean for you to return to home turf and play in front of your friends and family after being away for some time touring around the World? What can we expect to hear during your Live set at Monday Social?

Yes – it is always amazing coming back and playing in LA. It’s where I found out and learned about techno and house. So to come back and hang with friends and play is always special. Plus this will be my first time playing for MNS as well as my first time playing at Sound, so I am excited!

Q5: Does performing live sets have a big impact on your music production? Do you create music based on what you would normally incorporate during your sets?

Yes it definitely does have a big impact. As a Live act you usually have a much shorter time period to perform than a DJ, so you have to pick and choose what you want to pack into your set. When it comes to working in the studio I write lots of bass, synth, and percussion lines so I can test them in the club and see the crowd reactions. I play bits and pieces of tracks so that I am able to fit more elements into my sets. Once I get a good reaction from say, a bass line, I take that back into the studio and turn it into a full-blown track

Q6: How has touring with Dubfire and the SCI+TEC camp influence you as an artist? And what has it meant for you personally being able to travel and experience the world doing what you love most?

As an artist it has influenced me on multiple levels. My first year when he took me on tour with him was like a crash course in Techno Road Warrior 101 haha! It was nuts! I went from being a bedroom producer who was doing random gigs here and there to full time touring. It was an amazing experience that opened my eyes to the world and the way the business works on a global scale. It also musically inspired me as I got to meet so many more producers with different styles and techniques as well as some of my musical idols. I was just grateful as it was a realization of everything I had been working toward. I remember the main reason I pursued being a musician was for the love, and steering clear of a 9-5 job. The second reason I got into music was to travel the world. I have always loved travel and music, so to be able to combine the two and call it a job is mind blowing and I am humbled people like my tunes.

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